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Couples Now-A-Days Stay Together For Only These Reasons

Now a days being in a relationship is too common. But there are few factors which does count when the people are together. Love plays an important role when it comes to couple staying together. There can be awkward situation in the start but then it can end up in a lifelong story of love for people to be remembered.

Couples nowadays first prefer live-in relationships before marriages as a parameter to check the compatibility of their partner.

Let’s take a view at these reasons:

1. No fakeness or show-off.


The reality is that people fall for each other by their outer self in first and it can go wrong way if only the outer version is considered. Everyone behaves differently in front of different people and completely different with themselves.

You can know what your other half is really like and what are their flaws and how they live. There is no room for fake smiles and show-offs.

2. You get to know their true behavior.

You can judge the person you may spend the rest of your life and know about their real life circumstances.

You can know how they react when you do something that may discomfort them in some way. It truly depends on the calm mind of that person to still love you and don’t act weird in any situation like that.

3. The true test of a relationship.

A relationship is much more than just a perfect date. A perfect date is mostly an outer behavior and all the glittering from outside that you feel in the starting of the relationship.

Reality is that being together sharing the same place you can’t look or act perfectly in front of your partner and then all the glittering part vanishes showing only the reality of a relationship. If you can still love them without those perfect glittering moments then only it can move forward.

4. Finances.

The most important and practical thing that comes after marriage or living together is the finances. Their management is one of the serious issues that happens between a couple.

Definitely, it’s not a perfect date or anything like that where you both would want to pay for each other, it’s the practical and real life. There you have to earn a living and live happily. So, if you manage that you’re going great.


5. Sex isn’t everything.

When you are living in together, there’s going to be a lot of sex and that’s the reality. But after some time your lust and cravings won’t be like the beginning and trust me it leads to only two things, either loss of interest or even something more than sex.

You would end up making love instead of having s3x and it would feel more pleasurable than anything and that is the time when a relationship become post mature.

6. You solve each other’s problems.

Reality is everyone has their own different problems and different solutions and their ways to deal with them. But when you live together you have another person whom you can share your problems with.

And really it gives you a deeper outlook on each other’s life as you learn more and more about them. Everything you do as couples has happy moments but their real test happens during the stress period.

7. Opportunity to realize if you really want a long-term commitment.

Sometimes you are attracted so much towards a person that all of your senses are at a bay and you plan your life with that person regardless of anything practical.

But when you stay with that person you start to realize if that was a mistake or the best decision of your life. If the couple manages to stay a couple after a long time and dreams about even further life with one another then it’s great to have a long-term commitment.

8. If it won’t work out between you, there will be few regrets to be done later.

Not everything is meant to run smoothly and perfectly forever. Some couples aren’t meant to run that long due to compatibility issues or anything else.

It’s truly not wrong at all if it doesn’t work out well. There are fewer or no consequences if something like that happens at an earlier stage. Else if it happens at a very further stage where you have a family imagine how bad and complicated it can get.

That’s all for this trend that happens nowadays. It’s a great idea and you should also try it in your life before getting into something really serious.

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