Our Policy

For Book Reviews

  1. Book – reviews given by our review team are their personal opinions regarding the book which are honest, unbiased, thorough and unfolded. We don’t charge anything for reviewing the books.
  2. After acknowledging the receipt of the reviewers’ copy, we review the books as soon as possible. This is on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. Most books are reviewed within twenty days – barring a few exceptions. You can also provide us with a time frame of your choice in which you expect the review and if it is possible for us, we will definitely do according to that.
  3. We only accept hardcopy for reviews. We may accept e-books; soft copies only in case, where the client is a self-published author or only have an e-book release of the book or an author residing outside India.
  4. What we will need from the client:-
  • Copy of the book.
  • Photograph of the author/publisher.
  • Links for author/publisher website or any of the social media account links.
  • Links from which the purchase of the book is to be made.
  1. Genres we love:
  • FICTION (General, Classics, Romance, Historical, Mythological, Young-Adult, Chick-lit)
  • Crime, Murder, Mystery
  • Thrillers, Adventure
  • Humour, Satire (Comedy)
  • Biography, Memoirs, History.
  • Poetry
  1. Genres we ignore:
  • Religious Texts
  • Guides (Food, Fitness,)
  • Travelogues
  • Self- Help


For Interviews

We do feature interviews of all the people related to Publishing firm, authors, media personalities and celebrities from various fields.

  1. The interviews are generally done via emails and one interview generally consists of 10-12 questions.
  2. The authors/related people are requested to send two photographs of theirs’ and links for the website, social media site accounts and a link from which the purchase of the book is to be made.

For Submissions/ Contributions

Before sending your work, please check the spelling mistakes, do proper proofreading at MS Word.


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