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The Trailer of Raabta is out!

Sushshant Singh is back along with the beautiful Kriti Sanon, to steal your heart with their Oh-So-Sweet chemistry, the trailer shows   how awesome the movie is going to be, the visuals, dialogues everything seems to go in its way, so get read for June!

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Raabta..Everything Is Connected

Directed by Dinesh Vijan and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Raabta is an upcoming Hindi movie starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. The music for Raabta will be composed by Pritam. It is scheduled for release on 9 June 2017.


The movie will be a romantic love story based on dreams and destiny. Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon will be playing the protagonists whose love spans over two different eras. Shot mostly in Budapest, the story revolves around two individuals and their dreams and destinies. A lot like a strong connection formed by the universe between the two lovers. The film also stars Varun Sharma and Deepika Padukone (who will be doing a cameo dance sequence).


In the above poster, we see Kriti piggybacking on Sushant while planting a cute kiss on his cheek. The backdrop, if you notice has the lovely city of Budapest with some of the eclectic structures. It just ups the richness quotient of the film.

What really made our toes curl was Sushant’s expression. Can you see how effortlessly he’s reacting to Kriti’s playful kiss? Well, it’s certainly something that has excited us about the film. Their chemistry was already talk of the town and after this poster, we have a lot more to look forward to.


The shooting has been wrapped and the cast is super excited to present their film to the audience. We can already tell that the highlight of Raabta is going to be the impeccable chemistry between Sushant and Kriti. Even before the poster came out, the fact that they look damn hot together has been acknowledged. They are just looking gorgeous together. This movie is going to be quite an interesting one as this debut jodi makes it to the big screen.

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Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt in his Biopic

Ranbir Kapoor is shooting a film on Sanjay Dutt’s biopic which is written and directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and the movie is still untitled. The 34-year-old Ranbir Kapoor has stepped into the shoes of Bollywood’s popular Khalnayak.


Ranbir Kapoor was spotted in a shooting for the biopic in Mumbai. This time, Ranbir is in a new avatar. He has a receding hair line and a moustache, he looks almost unrecognisable in this new avatar. Going by the look, it seems Ranbir is shooting for a portion from Sanjay’s later part of life. Ranbir’s look is amusing and exciting as well.


The versatile actor Ranbir will be playing six different phases of Sanjay’s life and all these phases with totally different looks. At an event in Mumbai, Ranbir said that 60% of film’s shoot has been wrapped up. He said, “As you can see, I’m in the look of Sanjay Dutt and the movie is 60 per cent complete and soon it will get over.”


Tentatively titled Dutt, the film will focus on Sanjay’s formative years, his relation with his father Sunil Dutt, his struggles coping up with the loss of his mother, his many affairs, etc. Paresh Rawal is playing the role of Sunil Dutt while Manisha Koirala is starring as Nargis Dutt, Sanjay’s mom. As well as Dia Mirza is playing the role of his wife Maanayata Dutt and Vicky Kaushal as Sanjay Dutt’s close friend.


The movie will be released in December this year and we cannot wait to watch this amazing film.

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Thor Ragnarok : Contains the shades of Guardians of Galaxy and Batman Vs Superman

Thor Ragnarok is the third installment of the Thor franchise after Thor of 2011 and Thor: The Dark World of 2013. The trailer is out and its absolutely thrilling. Featuring Chris Hemsworth in the titular role, directed by Taika Waititithe, the film has Tom Hiddleston playing Loki, Cate Blanchett as Villain Hela and Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. The film also features Jeff Goldblum in a key role. Full of actions and special effects, the teaser promises that the film is going to be out of this world.


We all remember that scene from The Avengers when every superhero tries to lift Thor’s mighty hammer but to no avail. It is surreal that the hammer listens only to its master, until the trailer of Thor Ragnarok. 


Hela, the formidable antagonist, not only catches Thor’s hammer in mid-air but also cracks it into pieces. She goes on to capture Thor and takes him to his home planet Asgard. She gains control over Asgard despite efforts from not only Thor but also his brother Loki to save their home.


Towards the end of the trailer, one realises that the only chance that Thor has at regaining his home, and his lost glory, is to survive a duel against the strongest of his fellow Avenger — The Hulk. Going by the trailer, the film seems to strike a balance between lightheartedness and doomsday-style survival drama.


The film will be releasing on 3 November 2017. Watch the trailer now

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10 Amazing Facts about The Mummy!

The Mummy is the first brick in the wall for Universal’s developing Monster Cinematic Universe Directed by Alex Kurtzman’s. The trailer of  The Mummy is released and the film will be released on June 9, 2017. So here are the 10 amazing facts about it which you must know about it!


1. Tom Cruise is getting paid by 35 Million Dollars for the The Mummy.


2. It is the highest budget movie ever made in MUMMY series. And the estimated budget is around 165 Million Dollars.

3. This time, The Mummy is based on a female mummy,an ancient Egyptian princess called ‘Ahmanet’. And she possesses an evil eye power.


4. It took Egyptian Scribes about 12 years to learn hieroglyphics.

5. This The Mummy movie has completely new take on the mythology.


6. Because ancient Egyptian believed it was the center of memory and intelligence, the heart was removed and mummified separately from the body.


7. Artist used computer generated imaging to painstakingly create over 7,000 individual scarab beetles for one scene in The Mummy.


8. Production moved to Namibia for two weeks with principal photography on the film being completed on August 13, 2016.

9. Initially, Tom Hardy was considered for the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Later on, this role was given to Rusell Crowe.


10. Dracula, Frankenstein and the Other Universal Monster Stories Don’t Exist.

Watch the Trailer Here..

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5 Reasons to Watch Spider-Man:Homecoming This July!

Everyone is a fan of Spiderman. We know Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t a traditional origin story. Peter Parker begins the film with his fancy suit and yet, the trailer suggests this movie is largely about Spidey’s origin. His friend from school serves as an exposition vacuum, sucking up every detail of Spider-Man’s character, powers, and costume. The Spiderman:Homecoming is coming to us in this July. Its trailer is out and so here are the 5 reasons why to watch Spider-Man:Homecoming..


1.No Origin Story


By the time we meet Peter Parker in Homecoming, he’s already been bitten by the radioactive spider, and he even had some crime-fighting experience. This time around, hopefully we won’t have a 30 minute montage of Peter Parker learning about his powers.


2.Diverse Cast Ever


Peter Parker is white but all his friends are not, which is pretty cool and unique for any movie, let alone one set in the MCU. It’s a small step towards actually having a diverse franchise, but it’s a step nonetheless.


3.Younger Peter Parker


No offense to Maguire or Andrew Garfield, but the stakes of having a teenage superhero are immediately raised in Homecoming by the fact that Holland was a teenager when he shot the film. A younger Peter Parker makes the story more authentic.


4.No Green Goblin



Green Goblin has been the main villain in two Spider-Man movies thus far, but he is not going to be there in this year’s film. The villain in Homecoming, known as the Vulture and played by Michael Keaton, is brand new to the big screen and a huge get for fans.

5.Iron Man


Obviously, Spider-Man’s previously established connection to the Avengers and the MCU will be a huge advantage in Homecoming. It’s a pretty well known Marvel fact that a MCU film can never have too much RDJ, and it looks like Homecoming is following that rule to the letter.