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Is Fish & Milk A Dangerous Food Combination That Can Cause White Spots?

As a child, teenager, and perhaps even as an adult, your grandparents and parents may have warned you against eating fish along with milk or curd and other dairy products. Surprisingly, this belief that seafood or fish cannot be combined with dairy products is pervasive in many cultures, not just in India.

But is there any basis to these fears or is it irrational?


The Link Between Fish & Milk Consumption And White Spots

The idea that consuming milk and fish together can cause white spots or vitiligo can be traced back to the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda and traditional Arabian medicine. According to these sources, certain foods are incompatible and when eaten together can cause diseases.

In reality, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support these theories and showing that such thinking actually delays appropriate treatment.

Vitiligo is actually an autoimmune disease in which the immune system destroys pigment cells, resulting in appearing spots on the skin followed by the change of skin color.

The condition is most likely hereditary and could be caused by a genetic oxidative stress imbalance.

Nevertheless, dietitians, nutritionists, food scientists, and dermatologists agree that eating fish and milk together does not pose any risk of vitiligo or white spots.

Safety Of Fish And Milk Combination

Despite the widespread consumption of dishes like Bengali fish curry and tomato yogurt fish curry that combine the 2 foods, there have been no documented or verifiable reports of any ill effects of eating fish with milk.

In fact, the Mediterranean diet, which is regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world, includes fish, yogurt, and cheese in daily meals.

In the absence of any evidence to prove otherwise, it is safe to say that there is no health risk from combining these foods.

The Takeaway

Relax! Dairy and seafood only poses a health risk when contaminated and not handled properly, as they tend to spoil more easily. To avoid any unpleasant experience only consume fish and milk products at restaurants with high standards of hygiene or at home.

Keep in mind that adverse reactions are also likely to occur in some individuals because of allergies, as lactose intolerance and seafood allergies are among the most common of all food allergies.

While there is a lot that we can and have learned from ancient medicine, not every claim can be treated as a scientific fact. So, while we should be grateful for the wisdom of the ages, we should treat every claim with a healthy amount of skepticism.

18 Steps to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Following your instincts won’t always work with girls. If you want to win her over, just use these 18 ways on how to make a girl fall in love with you.

1 .

Take your time and play it cool. Never ever make your intentions too clear to the girl you like, and don’t be overeager to pour your feelings.


Don’t drop all your commitments and give her all your attention all the time. That’s the easiest way to make a girl get bored of you really soon. An older woman may appreciate a man who’s dropping his priorities to make time for her, but when a girl is younger, she’d just lose your value or assume you’re a boring guy with all the time in the world to spare.

3 .

This is very important. Do you truly love yourself? If you don’t think you’re awesome, how can you convince the world and all the beautiful girls in it that you’re an awesome guy? Fall in love with yourself and respect yourself, and the world will see you the same way too!


Keep yourself busy and involve yourself in different activities. Go on out there and enjoy the world, be it by trekking over the weekend, joining a few fun clubs or even doing something new with your friends. The more interesting you and your conversations are, the more awed by you she’ll be.


Looks aren’t every girl’s biggest priority, but it’ll definitely be a perk if you can look really fit and healthy. Work out, look healthy, dress well, and smell great. You’ll make a much better first impression with every girl you meet.

6 .

It’s not easy to believe in yourself when you think you’re a nobody. But just because you’re failing with women or unable to impress a girl, that’s no reason to call yourself a failure. Start believing in yourself and your capabilities, and enjoy the world.


7 .

Never reveal your jealous streak to the girl you like, especially if she’s getting a lot of attention from other guys who are trying to woo her at the same time. If she sees you as an insecure and jealous guy, she’ll just think you’re a creepy guy. A little bit of jealousy is cute, but only after she starts showing signs of liking you back.


Always give a girl her space, especially when you’re trying to woo her. Don’t keep bumping into her intentionally, avoid constantly staring at her each time she’s talking to some other guy, and stop calling her every night. Give her some space and give her the chance to miss you and realize how bored she is without having you around.


Help her around when she needs help and don’t be dependable. Be the guy she can depend on to get her out of trouble. Girls love it when a guy they’re with has a protective streak. If she feels safe with you, or believes you’re a guy who can handle any tough situation, you’re already in her good books.


She’d have a harder time flirting with you if there are other guys around, so try to get some alone time with her when you get the opportunity. If you want to take it slow because you’re uncertain about her feelings for you, start by flirting as a friend.

And once you’re past the friendly flirting, take it to the next level. The best way to flirt with a girl and make her shed her inhibitions is by flirting while texting or while talking over the phone.

Try to call her up late in the evenings or sometime at night when she’s in bed, lower your tone and speak softly, and before you know it, both of you would be flirting naughty in less than a week as long as you ask the right questions!


The power of touch is something most guys overlook while trying to make a girl fall in love with them. While talking to her, look for an excuse to touch her now and then. You could place your hand on her lower back while crossing the street, or touch her earlobe while admiring her earring, or even linger the hug for just a moment longer than necessary while saying goodbye.


This is a big mistake, at least if you say it before she shows signs of liking you. Always leave her wondering what’s on your mind even if you’re flirting with her. The curiosity will make her want you already. Go out on a date or two before you even think of telling her that you like her.

13 .

But make sure the gift is something small or insignificant that it doesn’t even feel like a gift. You could give her a pen, or a little showpiece or a little something you think she’ll like.

Every time she sees it, it would remind her of you, and yet, because you haven’t told her you like her already, it’ll make her wonder what your intentions are, and that’ll make her fall for you, slowly and steadily even before she realizes it herself!

14 .

Meet her often and talk to her over the phone often. But every now and then, back off for a day or two and wait for her to call you or ask you out on a date. By making her take the effort now and then, you’d be forcing her to woo you and try to get your attention! And that would only make her fall harder for you.


This is a short phase you need to make her go through for a few days so she can realize just how much she likes you once you’re past the other steps. After both of you have become really close to each other, make her miss you now and then.

When you’re having an interesting conversation with her, tell her you have to go and hang up just when the conversation starts to get interesting. It’s the easiest way to help her realize how much she needs you in her life!

16 .

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you, be there for her. But if you feel like she’s using you at any point of time, back off and tell her you’re busy. If you avoid backing off now and then when you’re busy or when you feel like she’s using you for something, you’ll end up becoming her doormat and her man Friday. And remember this, a girl would never want to date a guy who behaves like her slave.

17 .

Being unavailable now and then while wooing a girl is a great way to let her see that you’re not always available at her beck and call. But that doesn’t mean you have to behave like a total ass. Be charming and courteous around her, and never treat her badly or disrespectfully.


Even before you ask her out or tell the girl that you love her, start behaving like a boyfriend. Be protective of her when you’re around, take care of her needs, plan dates together and try to catch up with each other often. And even before she realizes it, both of you would be dating. And she would be madly in love with you already!

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Common Space Myths That You Need To Know

I bet many of you must have dreamt of getting into the outer space and witness asteroids and meteors. Many things have added to your curiosity and hence made you eager to explore more about space. But sadly enough, most of our space-related knowledge has been built up through some of the Hollywood movies or irrelevant internet blogs that are very far from the reality a majority of times.

But in the interest of setting things clear in front of you, here we dispel a few myths about the space.

The distance of a planet from the sun does not affect the average temperature on the planet. Talking about Mercury, yes, it is indeed the closest planet to the sun but it doesn’t mean that it is the hottest one.
During the day, the temperature of the surface of Mercury can reach up to 420 degrees centigrade. The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus and the average temperature on the planet does not go below 462 degrees centigrade.

Thanks to a well-known album by Pink Floyd, some people assume that one side of the moon never faces the sun. That’s not true.


The moon rotates on its axis just like Earth does. Amazingly, both the moon and Earth rotate at the same time, meaning only one side of the moon is visible here on Earth. But just like Earth, both of the moon’s sides get an equal amount of sunlight.

Venus may look like Earth in pictures, but the planets are not the same at all.

The atmosphere on Venus is a dense carbon dioxide that makes the planet extremely hot, and it has clouds of sulfuric acid floating around that makes taking pictures of its surface impossible.


We have all known that Sun is yellow-orange or reddish in color depending upon the time of the day and its position. But sun is actually white. The color of any light depends on the temperature.

But why have we been considering it as yellow then? Actually, the thing is, the longer light waves from the yellow-red part of the spectrum, cross the atmosphere of the earth without loss and the shorter greens of violent waves diffract a lot.

And this is the very reason why the sky appears blue during the day and black during the night.

We know from a number of Hollywood movies that if we remove our helmet in the space, our head will swell and blow up. No doubt that it is deadly, but death will not arrive you as immediate and as horrible as it is known.
Actually, the exceedingly low outside pressure is extremely dangerous for the lungs, heart, and the brain and apparently it is not the most pleasant way to die.

In pictures, it certainly appears that our planet is perfectly round. This isn’t true.

Earth is actually flattened a little at the poles and gets a bit wider at the equator. Instead of being perfectly round and shaped like a baseball, the planet is actually sort of oblong and is shaped more like a potato.

The Sun is not burning but glowing because the heat generated by it is the result of a nuclear reaction and not a chemical one.


Some people think that Earth gets closer to the sun in the summer and farther away in the winter. That’s not true.

We have seasons because Earth is tilted on its axis. When the tilt of Earth’s axis is closer to the sun, we get summer. That’s why the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere have opposite summers and winters.

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‘Judy’ Malware infects more than 36.5 million Android users

A new malware called “Judy” has made its way to the Google Play Store and has infected between 8.5-36.5 million users, says research firm Checkpoint.

Checkpoint upon discovery alerted Google, which has started to remove the apps that have been infected.

According to reports, these infected apps were present in the Google Play Store for more than a year.



Checkpoint in its blog said, “It is an auto-clicking adware which was found on 41 apps developed by a Korean company. The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it.”

The firm is not certain on how long the malicious code was present inside the apps; therefore exact extent can’t be determined.

How did “Judy” work?

The infected apps were present in the Play Store under the garb of casual cooking and fashion games under the “Judy” brand and its malicious activities didn’t come under the radar as the malicious code was downloaded from a non-Google server after the games were installed in the phone.


The infected phone would incessantly click on Google Ads, generating revenue for its attacker.



Stringent measures should be taken

The fact that a malware like “Judy” went undetected of the Google Play raises serious questions on the security measures taken by the Internet giant to safeguard its Android Operating System.


With no intention to fuel the age-old Android vs. iOS debate, the fact that Android allows more freedom to its developers, sometimes becomes a crutch rather than a helping hand.

How it became so widespread

Checkpoint discovered that other developers who borrowed code from this “Judy” line of games, knowingly or unknowingly also ended up with the malware.


Checkpoint notes, “The oldest app of the second campaign was last updated in April 2016, meaning that the malicious code hid for a long time. These apps also had a large amount of downloads between 4 and 18 million.”

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10 Years of IPL!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during April and May of every year by franchise teams representing Indian cities. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. This year, it is the 10th season of IPL. So here are the 10 taglines of the IPL matches till happened..
IPL Season 1 : Tu Laga Jor

IPL Season 2 : Ek Desh! Ek Junu! Dil Se Dil Wosh Sabka Ud Jaayega

IPL Season 3 : Manoranjan Ka Baap

IPL Season 4 : Bharat Bandh

IPL Season 5 : Aisa Mouka Aur Kaha Milega


IPL Season 6 : Jumping Japang

IPL Season 7 : Come On, Bulaava Aaya Hai

Kanna, Keep Calm

IPL Season 8 : India Ka Tyohaar

IPL Season 9 : Ek India Happy Wala

IPL Season 10 : 10 Saal Aapke Naam


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