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Emotions: LEAD YOUR LIFE by Pratiksha Nakti



Path of your life is

Scattered with barrier

Lead your journey

Man you are a worrier!

Sustain your way

Like a graceful fire

Let your dream

Be a greedy desire

Fighting with battles

Though you hinder

Strive for your goal

To get it as render

Nothing is powerful

Than your ambition

Admit your potency

Retaining a clear perception

Keep on raising

To touch the sky

It won’t end till

You lead more high


EMOTIONS: The Burning Mirror by Stellar Ram

I see my face; in the burning Mirror.
I love to run away, with God acting as my Secret Tutor.

Love cleanses my Soul; I witness it in the Burning Mirror.
Time kills my Skills; I avoid it with an Avenging Terror.

When I am happy, I am burning with the Mirror.
When I am silent, I am the Burning Mirror.

Love cleanses my Soul.
Blood and death never stops me from reaching my Goal.

I know that the Fire will burn me.
Even then I give my desire as its fuel for me to reincarnate.

Then I take the burning mirror in my hand and taste it.
When they see me doing that, even Vampires vanish away in fear and tears.

Everyone of us have a Burning Mirror in front of us.
We can escape from everything; but not from ourselves, and the Burning Mirror.

It chases you, till the time you are burnt.
I am the only One who can see it; right into its eyes.

That is why, I am Mr. Stellar; rest of all are mere Mortals


If you loved this poem, then you will surely love his book “Scribbles of a  Stellar Rider”, a collection of freestyle poems. check it out!!

EMOTIONS: Dead Circle by Ahona Das

~The Dead Circle~


Are you listening?                                                                                                                I am leaving you!                                                                                                                 The place we shared, the terrace,                                                                        where we first touched the sky.. our sky..

I am walking away,                                                                                                              From the evenings dipped in rosy orange,                                                         The cold feet we shared in winter evenings.                                             Walking towards a separated life.. separated soul..

Leaving you behind,                                                                                                         at the horizon of the path where                                                                                i would often race for a glimpse of you,                                                          and beg before you like an unruly kid                                                                for just one glance from you.

Are you still listening?                                                                                                       I am leaving you!                                                                                                            This highway of night is my alibi!                                                                     These neon lights are the witnesses.                                                                 Not to forget the red signal..

I am leaving you,                                                                                                                  L  E  A  V  I  N  G…..                                                                                                                 And yet, I don’t know how you get to know,                                                  hat i am going nowhere…                                                                                         That it’s only you that I return to…                                                                         No matter which direction i head towards!                                                       How do you win every time?                                                                                 What dead circle have you cast around me?

EMOTIONS: Tera ishq… By Sunidhi Meesala


Tere honto ko chu na paun main
Tere lafzon ko bhul na paun main
Tune mujhe apnaya nahi
Phir bhi tujhe apne dil se nikala nahi

Tujhe main apne mann me basaye rakhungi
Laakh koshish ke baad bhi nikal na paungi
Nafrat na karna kabhi hamse
Chahat badhana ho to sirf hamse

Raho par chalte chalte takra gaye
Pata bhi nahi chala ke kab tum itne khaas ho gaye
Aankhein uski kuch to kehti hain mujhse
Deewangi meri ab sirf hai uspe
Najane yeh khwab sach honge ya nahi
Intazaar me rahungi main aakhri tak sahi

Din beet jaate hain kahani bankar
Yaadein reh jaati hain nishani bankar
Par yeh rishta rahega hamesha aankhon me paani bankar
Rehna chahti hu main tere dil me rajkumari bankar


Emotions: Ek Sandesh… by Sagar Kadu (Team WordBite)

Ek Sandesh…

 Ek Sandesh

Kisiki Yaadein Etani Tanaha Kar Jati Hai

Ki Bhid Mai Bhi Akela Hona Ka Ehesaas Dilati Hai

Jaane Kyon Yeh Yaadein Baar Baar Satati Hai

Shayad Jindagi Mai Koi Toh Hone Ka Ehsaas Dialati Hai


Jaane Kahan Muze Chhod Kar Chali Gayi Tum

Ek Hari Bhari Jindagi Jane Kahan Ho Gayi Gum

Ek Ek Din Ab Bhari Lag Raha Hai

Lagata Hai Yeh Jindagi Khatm Karane Ka Vakt Aa Gaya Hai


Apane Dukh Me Mai Etana Gum Ho Gaya

Ki Janm Dene wale Maa-Baap Ko Bhul Gaya

Nahi Karana Kisi Ko Yaad Abase

Yahi Sandesh Hai Mere Es Kavita Se Sabase








EMOTIONS: One Last TIme by Sunidhi Meesala (Team WordBite)


One last time, wanted to see you
Wanted to make you mine
A together walk, seeing the stars shine
One last time, wanted to express my love
In front of you, holding hands,
Making you realize, difficult are the separation pangs
One last time, I wanted to relive
In your presence, in your existence
Reliving the lost memories, the lost affection
One last time, wanted to hear you
Teasing me with past experiences
Flattering me with a sarcastic silence
One last time, I wanted to see you smile
You make my day bright, you make my life shine
Showing me the way, overcasting a light
One last time… One last time I wanted us to be one
To be together, to capture the moments
So when we go, we won’t be alone


Emotions: Usaki Har Ek Baat… by Sagar Kadu (Team WordBite)

Usaki Har Ek Baat…

Usaki har ek baat 

Yeh Aakhein Teri Madahosh Kar Jati Hai Muze

Kucch Pyaar Bhare Labj Keh Jati Hai Muze

En Aakhon Me Bahot Khoya Khoya Sa reheta Hu Mai

Raat Bhar Tere Sapano Ke Liye Soya Reheta Hu Mai

Teri Muskurahat Bahot Cute Si Lagati Hai

Khule Baalon Mai Tu Bahot Sweet Si Lagati Hai

Jab Bhi Dekhta Hu Tuze Khubsurat Lagati Hai

Jaise Jannat Se Aayi Ek Pari Lagati Hai

Dil Ko Chhu Jati Hai Teri Yeh Saadgi

Jane Anjaane Mai Shuru Huyi Yeh Dil Lagi

Teri Ek Zhalak Se Shuru Huyi Yeh Deewanagi

Teri Aane Se Puri Ho Gayi Meri Jindagi