Exclusive Interview

Team WordBite [TWB]:

What motivated you to be a model?

Mona Varonica Campbell [MVC]: 


I was inclined towards fashion industry and right from my childhood i always wanted to walk on the runway.when i moved to canada for a short stint,a few local brands approached me and asked me If i could model for them.that kind off boosted my confidence.later when i moved to India ,I got opportunity to walk for a few regional designers – Wajahat Mirza ,a london based designer (season 1 and season 2) as well Faces of africa as a show stopper,these wonderful opportunities given me to be the i could me confidence at any size shape colour and gender,i achieved it.


TWB: How was your journey from giving the auditions for Wendell Rodrick’s Collection to being a show opener?

MVC: I Heard about the auditions happening for plus -size models and was pleased to know that ,it was providing opportunities for Trans- women ,with an encouragement from my family,i went ahead for the auditions for the Lakme platform and got selected as one of the top Finalists in professional runway model category ,And my dream took wing as i came to realization that i was walking to my favorite designer ,Opening and closing his show = Show stopper – wow -wendell rodricks creation ,I am very grateful to lakme for this opportunity . Though wendell was one of the best persons i worked with.he took good care of me at the backstage ,he ensured an exclusive team for hair and makeup.. he was their while we are rehearsing for the show .its a dream to walk such a huge team and he ensured my comfort and attention. I feel proud and confident being the indian first transgender Professional plus size model.


TWB: What inspired you to put up your own makeup label- VAGABOMB? –

MVC: I love makeup Right from my childhood,once I done with Post graduation from LONDON SCHOOLS OF FASHION, I got an opportunity to work with MAC cosmetics canada Ontario ,i worked with them as makeup artist as well trainer,i decided to come back to india(HYDERABAD) started my own Signature label , Called VARONICA MAKEUP ARTISTRY (CELEBRITY SECRETS), my life has changed after Begin with my own Makeup business line,professional makeup artist and created a niche for myself in the Glamour World.

TWB: What difficulties you faced during your journey in Fashion World?

MVC: Fashion industry is not a very easy industry,to survive in.Its a high in competition,as well ,i read about the auditions and i went for it and i am happy that i cracked the auditions with my unique looks and my walk , though i don’t have a godfather.

TWB: Did you face any opposition from your family for modeling?

MVC: Nope my family and friends or my Backbone ,they know my plans and Dreams ,they supported every decision i make myself for my future.

Veronica 01

TWB: Did people around you supported in each and every decision you made?

MVC: Of Course yes they did.

TWB: What are your future plans?

MVC:  One of checklist to be india’s Super model in the Plus size category and bagging the tittle. i want to come up with my own Signature clothing line for plus size women.

TWB: What message would you like to give our readers who might be afraid to show up their true identity due to the fear of acceptance?

MVC: Just be who you are ,believe in yourself ,follow your dreams,be confident ,be bold.

low res 1

TWB: If a young boy/girl wanted to be a model what would you advice to them.

MVC: You guys have to be super fit because you have to look good all the way around,you have to be firm and tight,you might have been the most beautiful girl /boy in your Hometown and now your beautiful fishes in a big pond of beautiful girls and handsome boys and in order to get the greatest jobs,you guys have to look amazing .you have to exercise and eat right even you plus size model, so your nails are beautiful for girls ,your skin ,your hair,other wise you will get mediocre jobs.


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