People Who Show That Age Is No Bar When It Comes To Your Dreams

The Famous Celebrity Chef, Julia Child

How many of you have watched the movie, Julie & Julia? Most of you must have and all those who haven’t, please watch it over this weekend. Julia Child’s incredible journey from media and advertising world to publishing a cookbook is an inspiration to all. She did this at the age of 50 while relaunching her career as a celebrity chef whom we all know today.

The champion Swimmer, Ana Maria

This Peruvian Swimmer and a world master has almost 400 medals to her credit. Can you guess how old she is? Maria is a perfect example of living nonstop and staying fit even at the age of 65. Her love for swimming surpassed her age and that’s what makes her a legend. Ana Maria is happiest when she’s in the water and she wishes that everyone is able to find their own happiness doing what they really want to and living nonstop.

The Oldest Female Body Builder, Ernestine Shepherd

Eighty years old Ernestine Shepherd is the World’s oldest performing female bodybuilder. She started pumping the iron at the age of 56 and proved the world that age is not a barrier when it comes to following your dreams.


The Founder Of Our Favourite Starbucks, Gordan Bowker

Gordan Bower founded the famous Starbucks coffee shop with his friend at the age of 51. Many people of his age would have thought it to be a gamble but not Bower. For him, his inspiration and ambition was enough to make him a successful entrepreneur and that’s exactly what happened.

The Marathon Champion, Pierre D’Souza

Despite being a successful CEO and MD, D’Souza’s life mantra, at the age of 52, is to stay fit by pushing one’s limits every day. His secret is regular training with a planned, disciplined and healthy lifestyle with Ensure.

The Blogging Giant, Arianna Huffington

At an age when people start thinking about their retirement and leading a settled life, Arianna Huffington had something adventurous in her mind. She launched Huffington Post in 2005, at the age of 55, which became the most powerful blog in the world.

Aren’t all these people inspiring? There are many other people like them who have chased dreams even in their 70s and 80s. Wondering how is it possible to chase your dreams even in this age? With the right amount of discipline, hard work, and a healthy lifestyle, no goal is unachievable. That’s why Ensure’s health drink makes sure that you are always fit to pursue whatever you want to and your dreams never go unfulfilled. And the presence of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and  29 other nutrients make it the No.1 nutritional supplement drink for adults.

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