BSF jawan’s ‘Poor Quality Food’ video was made viral by Pak

Yadav had shared a video earlier this year alleging poor quality food was being served to the jawans patrolling the border.


An inquiry by intelligence units has revealed that the video posted by BSF constables Tej Bahadur Yadav, where he complained about the ‘poor quality of food’ served to jawans went viral after it was circulated by Pakistan-based websites. Security agencies in their probe found that 21 of the 24 websites that pushed the video online were based out of Pakistan, a report published in The Hindu has revealed.


Yadav had shared the video on his Facebook timeline, claiming poor quality food like watery ‘dal’ and burnt ‘chapatis’ were being served to the troops serving in inhospitable terrain along the Pakistan border. The video triggered a nationwide outrage. A senior government official added that Yadav did not know that he would be exploited by Pakistan.


On Thursday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh cautioned the security forces and asked them to not forward unsubstantiated videos on mobile and web-based platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, as there were constant attempts by the “enemy” to spread rumours through social media.


 “The personnel and officers often forward messages or videos on their Facebook page or WhatsApp casually. Until, it’s an authentic video and in the interest of the country, I appeal to jawans and officials to not forward them blindly. You are responsible not only for border security but also to preserve the integrity of the country,” Singh said addressing BSF officials at an investiture ceremony.

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