Sorry Dude! this is why you won’t get the girl you love

                                               She is out of your league!


Believe it or not there does exists a league concept, and we all have leagues. Like the extra good looking League, the Okay league, the So-so league and then its the Ugly league.

                                            You’re boring


Well, you may be the one who has a lot of jokes but in front of her, you are one! and plus since you try hard to gain her attention. you end up being boring to her.

                                                          you’re UGLY!

giphy-downsized (1).gif

You’re UGLY! enough said.

                                                 You are too sweet

giphy-downsized (2).gif

Yeah, too much sweetness can cause diabetes.


                                         You are too caring

giphy-downsized (4).gif

You care a lot for her, she could end up making you her brother, than her boyfriend.

                                         You are not worth losing

giphy-downsized (5).gif

Since you are sweet, caring, loving and all, she cant risk losing you at all!

                                          She has better options than you

giphy-downsized (6).gif

If she has a Ranveer, and you look like Tushar Kapoor, why would she date you!

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