Things to do when you are bored at office!

Play clash of Clans


Yes, playing a mobile game is the best way to pass the time. and since in Clash of Clans after a few battles you have to pause this wont affect your work.

                           Surf the series you should binge watch next!binge-watching-pic.jpgGetting ready for the night, yeah! why waste your time at night to search which series you should watch next when you can search it in the boring office hours.

                                                       Read Articles like this.


Yes, one of the best way you can pass you time without getting bore is reading articles which will fresh up your mind and also keep you updated.

                                       Watch Stand-up acts on YouTube


Stand up artist started to earn so much, because to kill time people started to watch more and more videos on youtube, and its actually good as you not only pass the time but your mood also gets better.

                                                  Learn something new!


Well its always good to upgrade your skills and in the times when people are losing job, its better that you should upgrade you skills in the free time which you get.

                                                       Call an old friend


Yes, its important to be in touch with your friend and in this fast forward world we end up missing out on keeping contact with our friend. so pick up that phone and dial that friend.




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