Blockbusters which Shah Rukh Khan rejected!

s1 (1).png

Rang De Basanti is often called as a iconic movie in Aamir’s career, but it was SRK who was the first choice to play the character. But SRK’s Bad decision paved way for Aamir destiny.


This periodic drama would had been much different if SRK would have played Akbar, but unfortunately he rejected the movie.


It is said that, Rakesh Roshan wanted SRK to be the lead in the movie and when he refused to be the Star. A star was born, who we all know as Hritik Roshan.


SRK is given a special mention in this movie, as he was all set to play our beloved Munna Bhai. But due to his operation he had to stay away and then the movie went to Sanjay Dutt.



Before Bhaijaan was casted to be the tiger, SRK was considered for the role.


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