Badly Placed Advertisements Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

1. The giant carrot and the woman

Somebody must have known what they were doing when they set up these two advertising billboards next to each other. I mean is there any way that’s a coincidence? I guess it’s possible but what are the chances. Naturally we are blushing on this one and are refraining from making any blatantly cringeworthy comments. We think this example of badly places billboards speaks for itself, loud and clear.

2. Heat disease ain’t funny

While heart disease is a serious matter and not one for poking fun at, as the billboard on the right proves, the fact it’s put next to an advert for Burger King’s artery blocking Croissan”wich is worth a mention, and perhaps even a little giggle. Haven’t the owners of the billboards ever heard of “advertisement placement”?

3. Oh no!

Gallery image number 3 today is one of the most insensitive and least humorous of the bunch. While gun shows are controversial enough, with many people disagreeing with the very principle of them, to place an advert for one right next to a billboard dissuading abortion in the African American community is the height of insensitivity. We are sure the person responsible for the placement of these billboards should be fired.

4. “Fabulous”?! Not quite…

Okay so this isn’t exactly a case of badly placed billboards, but it definitely deserves a place in this gallery we thinks. Obviously it’s an advert for women’s underwear but didn’t anyone think what would happen if they placed such an advert right next to the muddy tires of a bus? Obviously not, but this image won’t have done much for the “Delicate” brand.

5. Unfortunate advertising

When it comes to advertising air travel it’s always vital that branders make sure airplanes are pictured looking stable in the air. This unfortunate advert shows exactly how not to publicize an airline company as it shows a Turkish Airlines plane basically crashing into the ground at the bottom of these escalators. All they needed to do was to stick the ad the other way round and it would’ve been all good.

6. Watch your hands!

Yeah, we’ll give you a second to process what’s actually funny about this advert, seemingly promoting soccer, in one way or another….See it now? That’s right, look where the rear door handle of this taxi has been inadvertently placed. A little bit to the left or right would have been fine, but you might blush if you enter this taxi.

7. Yanni won’t be happy

When it comes to advertising, it’s also a matter of getting the positioning of products in the store just right, to attract customers to buy them. This record store clearly missed the mark when they placed this CD cover of a singer called Yanni right above a CD cover of scantily clad woman, with some underboob showing. We’re not sure if Yanni sued for this one, but we bet he was tempted.

8. Very tiresome…

Please forgive the cheesy, punny title on this one but we simply couldn’t resist. Danielle Smith (whoever she is) won’t have been most pleased about how the advert of her was placed on this bus. Again it takes a second or two to really appreciate this one, but we’re sure you’ll get there.

9. Sugar daddy

t least these two billboards aren’t placed awkwardly right next to each other, and this picture is only really funny due to the perspective of the person who snapped the image. In saying that, one can’t help chuckling a little at the irony of the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club billboard right behind a billboard which reads “where’s daddy.”

10. The walking dead

This picture, taken in the UK is funny, although it wasn’t placed in this way on purpose. As you can see, the billboard on the corner is advertising a movie called “The walking dead” but just around the corner is an undertaker’s shop, giving the meaning of the term “walking dead” a whole new slant.

11. Shell in hell

This is not exactly a badly placed advert but as it is related to advertising, in this case Shell, it made it to today’s gallery. Obviously due to some unfortunate accident the “Shell” sign, painted on the bridge has had the S chopped off and now reads “hell.” Certainly not the kind of image a company like Shell wants to portray.


12. Fancy a coffee?

What an absolute classic! When the door of this Starbucks delivery van is slid open, the S from Starbucks covers the rest of the word, making it read “sucks” instead of “Starbucks.” This really is a case of advertising misplacement at its best, and while its an inadvertent mistake, it really did tickle us.

13. Just do it!

This quirky image out of Japan is another case of unfortunate placement, and of course human error. While the sign above the Nike advert warns passers-by: “DANGER! Jumping into the tunnel is forbidden” the billboard encourages people to “Just do it!” Let’s hope the Japanese have the sense not to take this one literally.

14. What a cute pussy

Oh dear! Who in the world stuck this picture of a cute little ginger pussy cat in that specific place on this billboard? While we have no idea what the billboard is selling (although we assume its something to do with oven gloves) the position of the cute little kitty on the lady’s dress is, um, unfortunate?!

15. Would Jack be miserable?

Innocent enough at first sight, but is this billboard advertising Les Miserables or classic cult movie, The Shining? We think you probably know the answer to that question, but isn’t it great how Jack’s face is sort of superimposed on the blonde woman’s?

16. Subliminal messages

Taken on the subway somewhere in Europe this image gives a subliminal message that most commuters definitely don’t need. Imagine standing on the platform waiting for your train home from work and reading the words on the billboard. Probably not the best thing for anyone who might be considering jumping on the tracks.

17. Anyone for a burger?

What can we say about this one that hasn’t been said already?! Again, whoever is in charge of billboard placement should have gotten fired for this. Encouraging children to eat healthfully to avoid obesity, with a smiling lady advertising McDonald’s burgers on the billboard below. Pfft, wonders never cease.

18. Simply unfortunate

We’re back in the UK once again for this picture, taken circa 1988, with the top billboard offering hope to those suffering with cancer. While at the same time the lower billboard is advertising cigarettes. This is one of the worst examples of billboard misplacement we have some across to date.

19. This one’s for Donald Trump

Facepalm…..apart from Donald Trump not many people will appreciate this little mess up very much, certainly not ethnic minorities in America. While the woman in the billboard on the right is a “Proud American” (born in the Philippines) the billboard to the left is advertising a movie, with the strap line reading “Don’t let them in.” Unfortunate placement is not the word…

20. Watch where you pee

Even India is not exempt from unfortunate billboard pictures as the image above testifies to. The guy who was seemingly desperate for a pee didn’t look to his right to see what and where he was emptying his bladder. Perhaps if he had he would have chosen to urinate elsewhere…

21. Quit school?!

We left the best till last, that’s just how we roll, and with this one we simply couldn’t resist. While this is a pretty powerful advert to encourage people to quit smoking, a noble cause indeed, the placement of the word “school” on this school bus means that the ad’s slogan actually reads: “Take action, take control, quit school” LOL!

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