Everything you need to know about India’s own Cringe pop superstar ‘Dhinchak Pooja’

Firstly let us introduce you to something called as, ‘Cringe pop’.

No! we haven’t made this stuff up, this does exists you can google it. Cringe Pop is a genre of pop music. The music and music videos are described as being “so bad that you cannot stop watching them”

A little History about it,

The Genre started with Rebecca Black and her song Friday in 2011. Taher Shah, a Pakistani musician and businessman, is one of the first person to release a Cringe pop video. His music video Angel went viral. His first music video,“Eye to Eye”, was released in 2013 and angel was released in 2016. Jacintha Morris, an Indian Civil servant, released her ‘Is Suzainn the Sinner’ in 2016, which was labeled a cringe pop. Jacinta herself denied the music was meant to be cringe pop. ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen‘ by DJ Piko-Taro, which was released in 2016 has been called cringe pop. Jacob Sartorius also released some cringe pop songs, like Sweatshirt and Hit or Miss. The advancement of technology has allowed anyone with a laptop able to produce a music video.


Latest addition to the list is Dhinchak Pooja from India who is trending for her awful songs –


Love her, Hate her, But you just cannot ignore her. She is the latest sensation everyone is talking about for various reason. Till this moment she has come up with 3 video songs. She was born on December 16. which is why she choose to be a musician, as People who are born in December love music and arts. They are born artiste.

She has around, 69,924 likes on her FB page and had a huge popularity on her Instagram of 24.9k followers

She even has her own app which you can download here,

Dhinchak Pooja App

if you haven’t heard her songs please do listen it, without your headphone, and also at your own risk. You may get addicted!

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