Why We All Hate Summer Season

Kids are mostly excited about the summer season as they are eagerly waiting for their summer vacation. Mango lovers are die heart fan of it too. But is this season really worth being excited. I don’t think so. I have listed down few things which have made me hate summer.


A place without being air conditioned make you sweat within minutes. Even if you are just sitting there still you can feel your body sweaty.

The food in summer can get spoiled quickly if not refrigerated. While in other season as the climate is not that hot the food can be kept out for a longer time.

Wearing full clothes can be a big problem in summer as it is already so hot. But wearing shorter clothes in colleges and office is not so preferable. This situation makes us feel we don’t own enough clothes.

Tanning is another issues faced by all of us in summer. Lot of protection is needed in summer and if care is not taken then it may lead to lot of tanning.

The whole seasons your hair will create a problem for you. Sweat in the hair make they frizzy, rough and smelly most of the time.


Hot summers can definitely ruin our sleep if we don’t have AC i our rooms.

This is the worst part of summer season. People around you or even you can smell if you get drenched in sweat. Putting deo or perfume all the time is also not preferable which make few situations not so comfortable.

Sunglasses are the most important things we have carry everywhere in daytime. If you forget your sunglasses just once then definitely the results would be really bad.

The music is a strange echoing thud, any atmosphere evaporates up into the sky, and the band members are as small as matchsticks. So stop pretending you’re enjoying this overpriced thing.

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