how to protect yourself from Cyber Ransom attack


The greatest damage one suffer from a cyber/ransom attack is loss of files/data. The best protection one can use against ransom/cyber attack is to back up all of the information and files on your devices in a completely separate device. A good place to do this is on an external hard drive that isn’t connected to the internet. This means that if you suffer an attack you won’t lose any information to the hackers.


For ransom/cyber attack to work hackers need to download malicious software onto a victims computer. This is then used to launch the attack and encrypt files. The most common ways for the software to be installed on a victim’s device is through phishing emails, malicious adverts on websites. People should always exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails or visiting websites they haven’t visited before.


Antivirus programs can stop ransom/cyber attack from downloading the bug in your computers and can find it when it is. Most antivirus programs can scan files to see if they might contain ransom.cyber bug before downloading them. They can block secret installations from malicious adverts when you’re browsing the web, and look for malware that may already be on a computer or device.



Victims of ransom/cyber attacks are advised to never pay the ransom as it encourages attackers and may not result in files being recovered. There are some programs that can help decrypt files. Or, if you have a back up, you can restore your device from that.

                                                            Stay Cautious. Stay Safe.

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