Things Most Indian Teens Do Secretly

Hiding real goal 

Teenagers most of the time hide their interest and real ambition in front of their parents as they feel they won’t be supported for it by their parents. Also on the other hand majority of the Indian parents want their children to become doctor, engineer, etc. If one wants to become athlete or fashion designer its really hard to discuss.

Friend’s fight secrets

Teens when fight with their friends mostly they them private and with mutual understanding they solve on their own and never let their’s parents know about it.


Cell phones and numbers

Some of the teens simply memorize their friends phone numbers whom their parents don’t allow so that their phone numbers don’t blink on screen when they call.there are too many parents who don’t allow their children a cell phone but many of them secretly keep one either they get one from friends or somehow they manage but they do.

Financial secrets

 Teens are highly self oriented today ,some of them have taken up part time jobs or some kind of online jobs to meet their expenses but they never reveal to their parents.


Lack of good sleep

Because of  unnecessary pressure teens have been facing sleeping issues. Even this issue is not much revealed by teenagers.

Drug and addiction

Now time has changed ,teens have zero patience for anything. They simply want to explore everything at once. when it comes to young generation ,one can smoke or drink without any issue but for teens its essential to hide from society .

Hook up and porn

This is again a top secret teens hide from everybody. Now a days hook up is not a big thing for teens and when it comes to porn I don’t think need any explanation is needed .They have every single source to explore them but also they don’t speak about it in open.

Break up & patch up

Every teen is attracted to someone at some point of time. But now a days teens lack patience which give rise to fights between teenage couples. Break up and patch up are the things that frequently take place and sometimes are hidden even from their best friends.

Affairs with college guys

In past couple of years scenario has changed. Girls at their teenage prefer to date guys which are years older to them. Many times on social media we find girls asking question saying, “my boy friend is 24 years old and i am 16 what do i do ,he asks me to…”. Such scenes even you must have witnessed and this is the secret a teen never going to tell you but they have.

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