Get Ready for Ed Sheeran Performance In Mumbai This November

Hours after pop sensation Justin Bieber arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday, another top star, Ed Sheeran, announced that he will extend his Asia Tour to 14 new destinations. And Mumbai is the Indian city he would visit.


Sheeran’s official website put out a post listing his dates for various cities during his tour of Asia in October and November.


Right now there is no detailed information about where to buy tickets but soon it will get revealed.

Sheeran had been to Mumbai earlier in March, 2015.


Divide is Sheeran’s third (and arguably most successful) album, after Plus (released in 2011) and Multiply (released in 2014). His third album comes after Sheeran announced in 2015 that he was on a social media hiatus. He said in an instagram announcement that he wants to see the world through his eyes and not through a screen.


Since then, Shape of You and Castle on the Hill have been the two leading singles of the album, with ‘Shape of You’ breaking records world over, as it has topped billboard charts in 30 countries.

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