Countries With Cruelest Punishments For Rapists All Over The World

Rape is considered as the most offensive crime a human can commit all over the world. Raped victims are often looked down in the society. The victims have to suffer mental torture without any fault. This impact of physical and mental assault often ruins the life of a victim.

Different governments across the globe came up with strong laws against sexual assault to make their country a safer place for the citizens and to make sure no one who indulged in this crime could roam free.

Here are the most brutal rape punishments of different countries around the world.

1. Saudia Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country therefore all of its laws and regulations are listed as per the teaching the Islam. In Saudi Arabia the punishment for the rape is very brutal. The punishment is a public beheading after administering the rapist with a sedative.

2. Iran:

In Iran, a rapist is either hanged or shot to death in public. Sometimes the guilty escapes the death penalty by the permission from the victim but is still liable for 100 lashes or life imprisonment.

3. Egypt:

Many few countries offer death penalties for rapes; Egypt being one of them hangs the culprit to death. The rapist is hanged in front of public so that public become more aware of the consequence of this heinous crime.

4. China:

China offers capital punishment for committing a rape. The meritocratic leadership of China punishes the rapist straight away with a death sentence and in some scenarios, rapists are also punished by the mutilation of their genitals.

5. Afghanistan:

Afghanistan also has a capital punishment for rapper. Afghanistan is a Muslim country and its laws are based on Islam. You are shot with a bullet in the head within the four days if you commit a rape.


6. Netherlands:

Any kind of sexual assault, even including a French kiss without the consent of one is considered a rape in Netherlands. The rapist is punished with imprisonment ranging from 4 to 15 years depending on the age of convict.

Even a sexual assault on a prostitute will lead to an imprisonment of 4 years in Netherlands whereas most of the countries are not concerned about the sexual assault on prostitutes.

7. North Korea:

This dictatorship sentences rapists to death by shooting in the head by a squad. Their lines of justice are so blurred that for all we know, they just use this as a cover up to execute dissidents.

8. India:

After the Anti Rape Bill of April 2013, culprits are liable to life imprisonment (which is actually 14 years), imprisonment for entire life and even the death sentence in the rarest of rare cases. The amendment also expanded to include a lot of other kinds of sexual assault that amount to rape.

9. Norway:

In Norway, the rapist is punished with the detainment of 4 to 15 years, depending upon the degree of damage to the victim.

10. USA:

The USA has two kinds of law – state law and federal law. If the rape case falls under the category of federal law, then the rapist is awarded 30 years of imprisonment. Though state laws of rape punishments differ from state to state.

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