7 Professions That Impress Women

1] Chef

Source: Google

Every single woman loves a man who can cook! It may be said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the same goes with women. If you can cook finger-licking food, her heart will be melting for you.

2] Military Man

Source: Google

Discipline. Good looks. Fit. These qualities cant be ignored by any women, and if you have a charm then no women can ignore you.

3] Entrepreneur

Source: Google

Entrepreneur is the new sexy. And if you hit the luck when you are young women will go week in their knees for you.

4] Musician

Source: Google

A guy who can play guitar is always popular with girls, may it be school, college or work, a guy who can make people dance on his tune, easily makes place in a Women’s heart.

5] Bartender

Source: Google

Bartenders means style and sophistication. They know all the good pick-up lines and also the ones that never work, thanks to years of witnessing guys embarrass themselves at bars. And the plus point is they have access to the best parties.


6] Writer

Source: Google

They say if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. A writer means sensitivity and understanding—something which every women desires the most.

7] Actor

Source: Google


Glamour, Stardom, Fame, we all love it, and the person who has it! is always an ice candy.

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