Anand Mahindra exchanges mini truck for an auto rickshaw

Anand Mahindra who is the executive chairman of  Mahindra group when saw how a Kerala-based auto rickshaw driver had modifies his vehicle to look like a Mahindra Scorpio from the rear, he bought the auto from him in exchange for a brand new Mahindra Supro mini truck.

There is a popular saying that ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’ and recently Anand Mahindra was witness to one such situation. Mahindra recently gave a brand new Mahindra Supro Mini Truck to a Kerala-based auto driver named Sunil (last name unknown), in exchange for his rickshaw. What’s so special about the auto rickshaw, you ask?




Well, Sunil had modified his auto rickshaw’s rear, to look like the rear of a Mahindra Scorpio and, when Anand Mahindra found out about it, he asked his team to track the person down and bought the rickshaw from him, to be displayed at Mahindra and Mahindra’s museum, in return for the Supro.




All this started last month, on 19th March 2017, when a Twitterati, named Anil Panickar, Tweeted the image of the auto, tagging Anand Mahindra, saying how popular the Scorpio is among Indians.


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