Who is the best candidate for the next Indian President?

1] E. Sreedharan.

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Often called as ‘Metro Man’, Mr. Sreedharan is a retired officer of the Indian Engineering Services, some of his achievements are :

  • Heavy rains caused the Pamban Bridge, which connects Rameshwaram to mainland India, to be severely damaged. The Indian Railways was given a period of 6 months to complete all necessary repair work. With Mr. Sreedharan at the helm, the fully repaired bridge was made open for use in 46 days only.
  • The Konkan Railway running over a stretch of 760 odd km and comprising over 150 bridges, is often considered to be the most ambitious as well as the most outstanding project of the Indian Railways. Mr. Sreedharan, who was brought out of retirement and made the chargé d’affaires of this project, is solely credited with its brilliant execution.
  • But the crowning glory of this man is his leadership of several metro projects  in India. Commencing with the Kolkata Metro, through which he epitomised engineering excellence in the country, he is also the man behind the awesome Delhi Metro, a project which saw no hiccups, financial, political or unnecessary delays,  under his command. He is now the advisor for several upcoming metro projects such as the ones in Kochi, Lucknow and Jaipur.


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He is a Billionaire, philanthropist, ex-chairperson of legendary the Tata Group, along with that, he is one of  the most influential person in India.

3] Anna Hazare

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He was responsible for one of the greatest revolution in India in recent times. He solely remains firm on his Gandhian principles. He takes a firm stance against corruption.


4] N. R. Narayana Murthy

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Narayana Murthy, is an Indian IT industrialist and the co-founder of Infosys, He is the one who revolutionized the Indian IT sector.

5] Dr. Prakash Amte

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Dr. Prakash Baba Amte, a man whose contribution to society is immeasurable. He was unaware of his destination but became an inspiration to the world by teaching the epitome of self-actualization. His immense philanthropic work towards benefit of tribal people is duly acknowledge by the plethora of awards bestowed on this great man.

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