India Today’s Answer to Arnab Goswami is Anjana Om Kashyap

Even before Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV goes on air, the knives are out among the English TV channels, ready to battle the competition. India Today Group played their cards in a manner which very few in the industry would have expected. Their answer to Arnab’s wild popularity and high-energy pre-launch branding isn’t to bring on board one of the usual suspects, but to capitalize on one of their own from the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak – Anjana Om Kashyap.


India Today Television and Republic had their first round of showdown in the outdoor media space as the two got similar hoardings installed alongside. One would have not noticed the competitive advertising strategy of India Today had there been a more experienced and established face to compete with Goswami’s.


While Kashyap has been in journalism for about 14 years, she has been the face of Hindi news throughout her career span. For viewers of English news, Kashyap is a whole new face.


In the India Today banner, as you can see above, Anjana looks straight into the camera, with the tagline ‘Reached and Waiting’, a response to Arnab’s ‘With you soon.’


Anjana herself told TNM that she would not comment on the marketing campaign, but that she has a specific editorial goal in taking to English primetime. “I have established myself in Aaj Tak, and today, other Hindi news channels look to Aaj Tak and say, let’s do what they do. The reason for that is we knew how to connect with people. That is what I want to bring to English news. There is a certain disconnect with the audience in English news, and I would like to bridge that gap,” she says.

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