8 Types Of Non-Relationships Our Generation Has

1] The “we love each other but neither of us is going to admit it” relationship

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You two  are perfect for each other. You two are so similar that anyone could tell you’re meant to be. and the worst part is since you are afraid to lose the other one as friend, you play it cool.

2] The relationship that we don’t tag as RELATIONSHIP

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You have been with this person, in ups and downs, and this person has always been with you. This person matters you the most. So even a IDOIT can tell that you too are in a relationship, but you don’t accept that you are in one.

3] The friend who you hook up with sometimes

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You might have been friends forever. You hang out together, you talk about anything and everything but not on the fact that you hook up too! And even if you are really close you fear of making things weird and choose not to talk on what happened on that night after you were high!


4] The strangers who hook up sometimes

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His/Her number is stored in your phone as “Hot Girl From This place,” as it never came to your to your mind to ask His/Her name. But this doesn’t stop you from exploring things with this person and since this person is a stranger you can be anyone with him/her.

5] The friends without benefits

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This person is the one who takes care of you when you are sick, bored and handles all your drama but does not have any benefits.

6] The one who has a girlfriend

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This person is in a serious relationship, serious enough that they have Dp’s with each other, their social media sparks about their love. but this doesn’t stop him from asking you out when his partner is out of town.

7] The one you’re hiding

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Either he is not so good looking, or he is not liked by your friends. But you still like to spend time with him.

8] The one you can’t have again

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He is the one who took you to the five-star restaurant, gave you the best orgasm, and made you laugh until you cried. And so he reached a place in your heart which none can replace, or archive.

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Oscar for the best dialogue goes to!

If there was an OSCAR for the best dialogue then we are sure these would have been winners!












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Sorry Dude! this is why you won’t get the girl you love

                                               She is out of your league!


Believe it or not there does exists a league concept, and we all have leagues. Like the extra good looking League, the Okay league, the So-so league and then its the Ugly league.

                                            You’re boring


Well, you may be the one who has a lot of jokes but in front of her, you are one! and plus since you try hard to gain her attention. you end up being boring to her.

                                                          you’re UGLY!

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You’re UGLY! enough said.

                                                 You are too sweet

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Yeah, too much sweetness can cause diabetes.


                                         You are too caring

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You care a lot for her, she could end up making you her brother, than her boyfriend.

                                         You are not worth losing

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Since you are sweet, caring, loving and all, she cant risk losing you at all!

                                          She has better options than you

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If she has a Ranveer, and you look like Tushar Kapoor, why would she date you!

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Kolkata Actor Vikram Chatterjee Charged With Culpable Homicide For The Death Of Sonika Chauhan

KOLKATA: Police have finally slapped the stringent ‘culpable homicide’ charge against actor Vikram Chatterjee for the death of model Sonika Singh Chauhan, who was travelling with the actor in his car which crashed on Rashbehari Avenue in the early hours of April 29 .

An Alipore court on Tuesday granted the police’s plea to slap section 304 of IPC (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), an offence that is punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

“The section was slapped after we took legal opinion and found conclusive evidence that he had knowledge of what he was doing,” said joint CP (crime) Vishal Garg.

Sonika’s family and friends, who have been running a sustained campaign to seek justice for the model, welcomed the police move. “All we wanted the cops to do was to establish the truth. This is a step in this direction,” said a close family friend.


According to public prosecutor Sourin Ghosal, the court was presented with two reasons for seeking the stringent charge. First, the event data recorder (EDR) recovered from Vikram’s car showed he was driving at 105 km/hr before the crash. Secondly, there are several eyewitness accounts that the actor was consuming alcohol that night.

Vikram’s lawyer, Rajdeep Majumdar, said they were yet to see the court’s order. “He is on bail and under the court’s guardianship. To arrest him, the police will have to move a plea in court for cancellation of his bail,” he said.

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Things to do when you are bored at office!

Play clash of Clans


Yes, playing a mobile game is the best way to pass the time. and since in Clash of Clans after a few battles you have to pause this wont affect your work.

                           Surf the series you should binge watch next!binge-watching-pic.jpgGetting ready for the night, yeah! why waste your time at night to search which series you should watch next when you can search it in the boring office hours.

                                                       Read Articles like this.


Yes, one of the best way you can pass you time without getting bore is reading articles which will fresh up your mind and also keep you updated.

                                       Watch Stand-up acts on YouTube


Stand up artist started to earn so much, because to kill time people started to watch more and more videos on youtube, and its actually good as you not only pass the time but your mood also gets better.

                                                  Learn something new!


Well its always good to upgrade your skills and in the times when people are losing job, its better that you should upgrade you skills in the free time which you get.

                                                       Call an old friend


Yes, its important to be in touch with your friend and in this fast forward world we end up missing out on keeping contact with our friend. so pick up that phone and dial that friend.



Common Space Myths That You Need To Know

I bet many of you must have dreamt of getting into the outer space and witness asteroids and meteors. Many things have added to your curiosity and hence made you eager to explore more about space. But sadly enough, most of our space-related knowledge has been built up through some of the Hollywood movies or irrelevant internet blogs that are very far from the reality a majority of times.

But in the interest of setting things clear in front of you, here we dispel a few myths about the space.

The distance of a planet from the sun does not affect the average temperature on the planet. Talking about Mercury, yes, it is indeed the closest planet to the sun but it doesn’t mean that it is the hottest one.
During the day, the temperature of the surface of Mercury can reach up to 420 degrees centigrade. The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus and the average temperature on the planet does not go below 462 degrees centigrade.

Thanks to a well-known album by Pink Floyd, some people assume that one side of the moon never faces the sun. That’s not true.


The moon rotates on its axis just like Earth does. Amazingly, both the moon and Earth rotate at the same time, meaning only one side of the moon is visible here on Earth. But just like Earth, both of the moon’s sides get an equal amount of sunlight.

Venus may look like Earth in pictures, but the planets are not the same at all.

The atmosphere on Venus is a dense carbon dioxide that makes the planet extremely hot, and it has clouds of sulfuric acid floating around that makes taking pictures of its surface impossible.


We have all known that Sun is yellow-orange or reddish in color depending upon the time of the day and its position. But sun is actually white. The color of any light depends on the temperature.

But why have we been considering it as yellow then? Actually, the thing is, the longer light waves from the yellow-red part of the spectrum, cross the atmosphere of the earth without loss and the shorter greens of violent waves diffract a lot.

And this is the very reason why the sky appears blue during the day and black during the night.

We know from a number of Hollywood movies that if we remove our helmet in the space, our head will swell and blow up. No doubt that it is deadly, but death will not arrive you as immediate and as horrible as it is known.
Actually, the exceedingly low outside pressure is extremely dangerous for the lungs, heart, and the brain and apparently it is not the most pleasant way to die.

In pictures, it certainly appears that our planet is perfectly round. This isn’t true.

Earth is actually flattened a little at the poles and gets a bit wider at the equator. Instead of being perfectly round and shaped like a baseball, the planet is actually sort of oblong and is shaped more like a potato.

The Sun is not burning but glowing because the heat generated by it is the result of a nuclear reaction and not a chemical one.


Some people think that Earth gets closer to the sun in the summer and farther away in the winter. That’s not true.

We have seasons because Earth is tilted on its axis. When the tilt of Earth’s axis is closer to the sun, we get summer. That’s why the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere have opposite summers and winters.

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10 Awkwardly Funny Sex Experiences

Sex is something that nobody can live without. Everybody experiences it in one or another way. So we just wanted to when people actually feels regret about it or feels awkward with what they have done on the bed. So we asked some people about their embarrassing sex experiences and we got these answers that will make you laugh as fuck!


1. I was with the girl, who was heavily into oral sex. Both giving and taking. She went down on me it blew my mind. After some time of her blowjob, I went down on her. I started licking her lower area and after few minutes into this, I felt a puff of air on my face. Yes, she fucking farted on my face. I still cringe when I think about it!


2. I was with one girl at night. This girl I was hooking up with left me in the bed and went to the bathroom for a little too long. She came from the bathroom and we started making out. I suggested that we should do something adventurous and decided a 69 position. I put my face where it was supposed to be and started licking her and as i took my tongue out, I found a shred of toilet paper stuck between her butt cheeks. It was fucking disgusting men.


3. My boyfriend wanted to go down on me while I was on my period, he insisted. Funny enough, he came back up gagging and then ran off to puke in my bathroom. Once he finally calmed down he claimed that he swallowed a blot clot. It was thoroughly embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.


4. Me and my friends went to a party. I met her and she was definitely into me. Everything was going perfect with party, dance and alcohol. Everyone was badly drunk and high. Me and that girl went to my place. She was lying next to me. She reeked of alcohol, but that was okay. We started making out and after 2 minutes, my face is sprayed with something that smells disgusting. Yeah, she puked on me and passed out.


5. After a very romantic lunch with my boyfriend, we decided to have sex. We started making out and after sometime, I wanted to go for pee but I don’t wanted to spoil the mood so i continued. He started banging me so hard that I actually started to pee all over him (while he’s still in me). He freaked out and pushed me off from him and I actually felt so awkward. He left and never met me again.



6. Me and my guy was having sex and it was going awesome. After Half hour, he was done and he removed his thing from me and the condom came off inside of me, and he had to fish it out. He took that condom out from me. It was just extremely awkward.

7. I was alone at my place so I called my girlfriend to my place. She came in sometime and we started doing it in the hall itself. I was on top. We were really hammering away, and at the peak point all of a sudden, my dog started licking my balls and asshole from behind. It was very awkward men.

8. My boyfriend wanted to do amazing and romantic sex so he decided to lock my hands and legs and fuck me hard. He started seducing and kissing me. It was going really amazing. When he actually started banging me, he went so mad in it that he did not even listen to me. And in no time, I pooped on the bed when he was still in me and it was so fucking embarrassing. He got up and left the room.

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