9 Reasons why I love you



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No matter how many people say Shraddha, Alia or Selena are most beautiful for them, but for me you are, you were and only you will be the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my whole life.

2] Your Smile

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I had just heard a line called as, ‘Million Dollar Smile’ but when i saw you smiling, OMG! I realize what a million dollar smile is all about. Your smile can make any heart, slow down the beat.

3] You inspire me to be successful

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Yeah, there are times when I want to leave something. Leave a thing which I’m doing. But then I can’t because for you! As I think of you! I don’t want to let you down!

4] You make me happy

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There are millions and zillions problems in my life, but when I’m with you I forget all that, a smile is there on my face.

5] You add meaning to my life

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All day I’m clueless, I do find sometimes that my life is meaningless. But then you came and changed everything. You make my life meaningful.


6] You make me stronger

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There are times when I feel I’m weak. Or when I feel I can’t do something. But the feeling of having you around gives me strength and makes me stronger.

7] You make me look good

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Believe it or not! Every guy dresses sensibly after getting a girlfriend.

8] You make me more organised

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Yep! Managing time is one of the most difficult tasks for any guy! But for you i learnt how to manage time so that i can spend more and more time with you!

9]  I love the way you are

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The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you are i just love the way you are.

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