I Stand with Chetan Bhagat

It was just yesterday when I heard the news that an author named, Anvita Bajpai accused Chetan Bhagat for plagiarism. I won’t get into the detail of it, if you want to know the detailed news you can read it here!


Well we all know, Chetan is the person who re-crafted the book industry when it was dying due to low book sales and when people were no longer interested in reading books. He made reading cool again! A lot of authors got a chance to showcase their talent because Chetan proved that a certain type of books can make huge money. He has made his way to the top of the hill on his own. Yeah, i know hating Chetan Bhagat has always been a trend! But before you troll him, we need to understand there can be millions of trolls but there is just one Chetan Bhagat.

Now coming back to allegation made by Anvita Bajpai, Just like her, or Chetan, a lot of people can have the same thought. Does it mean that they all did plagiarism? Or just if some real women faces the same situations like Anvita has wrote in her story does that mean, while writing the destiny of that certain women God did plagiarism?

Well I’m not saying that Anvita is wrong in her claims. She may have faced injustice. But stopping the sale of Chetan’s books is not right till the truth is out! And yes she says she hasn’t done this to get fame, well I hope not to get surprise if i see her book, ‘Life, Odds and Ends’ rising in the best-seller chart.

If she is right, she should get justice. But till the truth is out, I stand with Chetan Bhagat.

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