7 ways to hide love bite or hickey

There are going to be times when you and your partner goes in the flow and the next thing you get to see in  a hickey also called as love bite, and some things should be hidden, if not from your friends but then definitely from your parents. so here are 7 easy ways you can hide the mark of your love.

1] Use Make-up

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Start with makeup primer so that everything stays in place. Apply a yellow-based concealer that matches your skin tone – this will get rid of blue-purple tint. Next, apply a layer of green concealer to cancel out the redness. Then apply the same foundation you used on your face, and blend the outer edges so everything looks normal. Finish with a loose powder to keep things looking natural.

2]  Wear a scarf

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Use a cute scarf, which will match your look, it will hide the hickey plus you would look stylish.

3] Cover it with hair

images (2)
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if you tie up your locks, you will surely make it visible, let them loose to cover it till its gone.


4] The Ice Therapy

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If you want to try to get rid of your hickey more than just cover it up, get some ice. Put it in a baggie or wrap it in a cloth or paper towel – don’t apply it directly. Try to do this as quickly as possible. It will minimize redness and swelling.

5] Wear a collar

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wear a formal shirt which will cover it.

6]  BANDAGE help!

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stick a bandage over it. You can tell everyone that you burned yourself with your straightener, or bit by a bug, or you got scratched.

7] Brush It With A Toothbrush


This may sound wired but this may work. Take a brand new, stiff toothbrush, and brush the area of the hickey. Be careful – if you press too hard, you’ll make this situation worse. Brush for a few minutes, then wait about 20 minutes, and then apply ice. If it looks like it’s improving, repeat the process.

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