The Curious Case of Snapchat and Snapdeal

As few people have confusion with similar sounding names such as Suresh and Ramesh, in the similar way the innocent Indian company Snapdeal faced lot of problems just because it had the word “Snap” in it.

After the controversy of  Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel terming India as a ‘poor country’, the entire nation was outraged.

To teach Snapchat a lesson, thousands of Indian users uninstalled the app and left a one-star rating. Their efforts paid off well too as Snapchat’s rating on the App Store dropped to a “single star” on Sunday morning.

But during this Snapdeal was dragged into the drama and got punished because few people confused Snapchat with it. This issue was spotted when people posted on Twitter the screenshots of Snapdeal’s App Store reviews.

This one is hilarious!

I wish people get the whole knowledge of the topic and then act henceforth. The saying “Half knowledge is dangerous ” have proved so true here.

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