Reasons why INDIA is too rich for SNAPCHAT!


Evan Spiegel we used to think John Snow know nothing, but at-least he knew to do something, but you know nothing, SERIOUSLY! if you even had googled INDIA you would have know why we are too rich for your App. well to make your facts right i will present you a few facts about us.







sc4 (1)






Since you have evoke the emotions of a country which has 1.252 billion population, we are quite sure you will regret calling anyone poor. And going by the speed the rating of your app falling down, as you can see below.


and just to remind you Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google, and he is also an Indian. If he feels he can remove your app from his Play Store then have fun explaining your investors why your company became poor for just calling a country poor.

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