Class 12 CBSE Book Teaches Students 36-24-36 Figure as ‘best’ for Females

A Class 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbook describes 36-24-36 as the “best” shape for women. The book further adds that the judges of beauty contests like Miss World or Miss Universe appreciate this hourglass figure.


This has obviously left people fuming. The textbook doesn’t prove this thing by any scientific reason but rather mention it as the guidelines of Miss World contest.  And all this is present in a school book titled ‘Health and Physical Education Textbook‘.


 It is being taught in many CBSE schools in Delhi. An image of the section of the textbook comparing the physical and anatomical differences between males and females was initially posted on social media by a Twitter user named Anuj Khurana.

This book is written by ‘Dr VK Sharma’ (Professor, Dept of Physical Education, DAV College, Cheeka, Haryana) and published by New Saraswati House.

We realized that the 36-24-36 bit is just one of the several gems in it. There is more to it. The book says that when it comes to males, the “v” body shape is considered the best.


However, it has just been revised and some of these questionable ideas stand deleted in the latest edition. For instance, here’s how the above paragraph has been revised in the new edition: ’36-24-36 has been changed to ‘hourglass shape’.

The book seems to be telling students that a key idea behind co-educational colleges is to make girls and boys motivated through attraction. And that men and women strive to achieve for romantic goals rather than competitive or excellence.


Hopefully the book rectifies all these problematic ideas and make the required changes soon.

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