“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of humanity”

George Bernard Shaw

Dogs are being trained, dogs are being breed, and they are being commercialized.
Whether it is so called ‘aristocratic’ dog shows, the trend of ‘International’ certifications or the very successful trend of training, OK! To be precise “taming” …… the humanity which these dogs deserve is lacking everywhere in the name of trade.


But Ladies and Gentlemen! Now please do welcome our new business of making dogs (please do pay attention to the following lines as they are utter irony) …. Yes, making dogs friendly so that they can cuddle with love and be civilized like human beings. Moreover the dogs are made to learn all this and be used as an object so that they could entertain and amuse people and hence be used to fill the pockets of the Human again. We can easily understand it by using the phrase ‘DOGS ON RENT’. I know this thing is not very new to us. But now a new start up named FURBALL STORY is endorsing a new idea that only pedigree dogs can be trained and “Indian dogs do bite”. This comment is flying all over the web and people who are already discriminating between the Indian and pedigree breeds are now getting a certified reason to not to adopt them . Surprised to know that responsible portals like NDTV, SCOOPWHOOP, and INDIATIMES etc are publishing and advertising this mind set.


I just want to quote Mark Twain –
“It is just like man’s vanity and impatience to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions”

This is nothing but a whole propaganda to catalyze the dog breeding industry which is already too barbaric to the dogs. The hard work of dog lovers is going vain and again hatred for the indie dogs is getting fueled.
We are living in a time when people are becoming brutal towards animals . One’s cruel nature victimizes the creatures which are easily available to the person, and that are unanimously DOGS. Today we are encountering videos with proud people who are crushing a dog multiple times with their car, people who are joyfully throwing puppies into fire and so called ‘adventure freaks’ who are dropping these helpless creatures from multiple storeyd building with a broad smile on their faces .
It is no rocket science to know that indie dogs are the ones who are even more vulnerable to these kinds of inhuman acts as they are found at every street in India.
I want to remind my readers that in Kerala, dogs are being killed at a very large scale by the government itself and case of this massacre is still in the court . This kind of statement will go against the toil of kind people who are associated with the welfare and adoption of this dog.
I just want to ask if Indian dogs are non-trainable and biting then can we call all Indians “KUTTE KI POOCH” can’t be straightened?
This thing also pointing towards the lack of self-acceptance in Indians as we bring breeds like Siberian husky, St. Bernard, German Shepherd etc. who are not adapted to this environment, but we domesticate them just because to flaunt our status and we consider our breeds as inferior .
I am not going much deep but just want these kind of startups to apologies for such statements and media houses who published stuff like this to see other side of this cruel story they should rise above publishing things like this or at least refrain from spreading these kinds of rumors .

P.S- I ain’t a behaviourist or trainer or a animal communicator but I am a mother of 21 desi who staying with and waiting for their home, I can vouch INDIE DOGS DON’T BITE


About IndieLove:


A dog is a dog no matter a breed or an Indie. They will love you, cuddle with you the same way as the breeds do. There are many kids outside who we can’t help, neither choose to ignore. Not having a place and proper medication facility is where we are lacking. We need support and help to let us help those kids who suffer on a daily basis for food, shelter and medication.

All we want is a home for all those kids around who needs help. Indie love will be open to any person who rescue dogs and need help from us. I don’t want anyone to suffer the way we suffered. For those who wants to show their love for Indie can come and join us and spread love and care.

Indie Love is initially conceptualized by Swagnikaa Roy Kaushik and later supported by अपूर्वा प्रताप सिंह and Sunil Kaushik

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