20 Amazing Facts About Undertaker!

1. Undertaker was a talented basketball player. He was a very big fan of basketball.


2. While he officially debuted as “The Undertaker” during the 1990 Survivor Series, he competed as “Kane ‘The Undertaker’” in pre-taped matches prior to his live debut.

3. As of now, he has wrestled in 2274 WWE matches and won for 75.5% matches.

4. The Undertaker holds the record for the most consecutive Wrestle Mania appearances.

5. He holds the record for competing on more WWE television shows than any other WWE Superstar.


6. When Undertaker debuted, the World Wide Web was one year away from being introduced to the public.

7. Despite leaving the WrestleMania ring as a champion several times, he never entered a WrestleMania match as a champion.


8. Throughout his career, Undertaker had 15 Championship reigns.

9. He has appeared in 17 Survivor Series matches, and won 12 of them.


10. Undertaker has been featured on 61 pay-per-view posters.


11. Even after he got burns from his own pyro but then still he wrestled and he got second degree.

12. Undertaker’s urn has been stolen by opponents seven times.

13. He appeared on the debut episode of Monday Night Raw and is the only Superstar from that episode who is still on the WWE roster.


14. He once nearly choked out Kurt Angle.

15.  He went head-to-head with Kane 19 times during pay-per-view events

16.  Johnny Carson was still host of The Tonight Show when Undertaker debuted.


17. Since his debut, four U.S. Presidents have held workplace and thirty four new countries supported.

18. His shortest-ever televised match was against WWE Hall of Famer Iron Sheik and lasted just 18 seconds.

19. It has been over 9,100 days since Undertaker debuted 25 years ago.

20. His longest one-on-one match was with WWE Superstar Triple H and lasted 30 minutes and 52 seconds.


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