April Fool Pranks of 2017!

We all went through the different different pranks on April fool’s day on 1st April 2017. Big companies also played hilarious pranks this year. So here are some unbelievable pranks played by the people and brands this year which will make you laugh like anything..

1. Emilia Clarke is Quitting “Game Of Thrones”


Actress Emilia Clarke who plays the dragon mother Daenerys Targaryen will be quitting the show mid-season. The news has been confirmed by her on her official Twitter account. All were shocked after listening to this news because obviously we are not prepared to see anyone else as Daenerys. But surely, this was just a prank played by her. It cannot be Game of thrones without Emilia.

2. Sanpchat created Instagram filter


Snapchat totally trolled Instagram yesterday by creating a filter that looked just like an Instagram photo and when you have even a “likes” at the bottom. Snapchat came up with the thing that take a picture with Snapchat and swipe right to get the filter: A fake Instagram overlay for your photos. That was just a prank played by Snapchat after all copied Snapchat..:P

3. PornHub shares your videos on social


As everyone made us fool on April Fool’s day, PornHub wins the award for cruelest April Fools’ prank this year. Users that click a video, educational purposes, are met with a pop up that thanks them for sharing their dirty, dirty porn viewing habits on social media. haha! Obviously that was very weired thing but it was just a prank.

4. Netflix Live


This one prank was actually hilarious. Netflix introduced a feature on 1st April where Will Arnett watches some of the most mundane videos on the internet while providing commentary. First I got to see Arnett’s hilarious take monologue about office lighting while watching a live video of a printer in a dimly-lit office.

5. Subway’s Icecream


Like all, Subway also played a prank on 1 April 2017, the SUBWAY® brand is launching their first ever ice cream range. Inspired by the nation’s most love Subs. The savoury SUBZero range is available in these three delicious flavours for a limited time only: Meatball Marinara, Chicken Tikka, Tuna. But this was a prank!!

6. Lovehoney’s ‘Moan Droan’

LoveHoney is an online peddler of sex toys and fine adult products, just solved the problem you didn’t know you had. When the mood strikes, and you can’t bear the thought to wait for traditional delivery, or make a visit to the adult store in the shady part of town, Lovehoney is announced a drone delivery program, Moan Droan. But unfortunately, it was just a prank..:D

7. Tinder’s Live date


Tinder also played a prank by announcing its live date. Curious to see how this one plays out, but according to a Facebook promo video, Tinder was going to host a ‘Live’ date at 12pm PST/3pm EST on 1st April.

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