Best April Fool Pranks Done by Brands!

We always get fooled by someone on April Fool’s Day but here are some pranks that are actually done by brands to the people,

1. H&M with Mark Zuckerberg Clothing Line


H&M and Facebook’s Mark played one of the most bizarre pranks ever. A website with H&M’s logo with Zuckerberg’s face decided to troll the world with a unique collection, inspired by Facebook CEO’s dressing choice.  But as the website campaigned, “One less thing to think about in the morning”, it seemed quite Mark-like.

2. Burger King Whopper Toothpaste


The first of the big brands to make a mockery of consumers is Burger King, which overnight launched a Whopper flavoured toothpaste. The April Fool was through a campaign supported by a minute-long spot and creative featuring “dentists”.

3. Google’s self-driving bicycle


In 2016, Google gave people hope that was soon to be snatched away. They pulled a great prank after introducing a Google’s self driving bicycle. They introduced that bicycle along with an advertisement that looked more real than real itself.

4. Sony’s proton pack


The biggest prank ever done was by Sony was they introduced the world’s first ghost catching device. That device will actually find out the ghosts around us and will catch them. Sony isn’t actually selling proton packs.

5. Duolingo’s Emoji Course


Duolingo is an app which will be containing different courses to actually teach you the actual emoji meaning and details about it because they found people getting confused about smileys like what that smiley actually means. Duolingo made us fool.

6. Deadpool is coming on VHS and Laserdiscs


Ryan Reynold’s hit superhero movie Deadpool isn’t really pandering to millennium and coming out on outdated technology. But they said that they are going to introduce it on VHS and laserdiscs. To be clear, we would totally buy Deadpool on VHS.

7. Google’s Pac-Man game


Google tends to have a ton of April Fools’ jokes, so for the sake of this list, I’m only including one for now.  The funniest prank of Google is, the conversion of Google Maps into a Ms. Pac-Man game.

8. Pizza Hut


With the boom in the UK baking industry, Pizza Hut has decided to get a slice of the action and will be launching a range of innovative, pizza-inspired loaves across the nation. They made us fool by telling that they are going to introduce breads of their own brand.

9. Deliveroo’s Teleorder


Deliveroo has teamed up with leading neuroscientists to develop a new technology which will allow customers to use their app, using brainwaves alone. This direct brain-to-brain ordering system will have TeleOrder Technology which will have the ability to detect what sort of food a user is craving even if they don’t even know themselves.

10. Galaxy Blade Edge: Samsung’s smart Knife


If there could be smart watches and phones, then why not a smart knife, right? Samsung’s special knife the tech giant went overboard. In 2015, through an elaborate blog post, the brand conceptualized the fake product and presented it to the world. That was just a prank played by them.

11. Carlsberg’s Carlsberger


Beer brand Carlsberg has announced an unusual move into the gourmet burger category, launching a new product dubbed ‘The Carlsburger’ into pubs and restaurants across the country. After months of careful experimentation, the brand has teamed up with the renowned Copenhagen-based chef, Lars Poolif, to produce the gourmet offering.


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