10 Facts about Nana Patekar which will make you respect him more!

1. Nana Patekar still lives in a 1 BHK flat with his mother


When others from the same industry are running to get a lavish life, Nana Patekar feels that this house is enough for his family. Even he can afford a luxurious life then also he prefers and believes in living a simple life. He is still staying in a 750 sq.ft. 1BHK flat with his mother.

2.  Nana donated Rs 15,000 per family to 175 families of the farmers who committed suicide


Nana is very soft and kind hearted. He donated Rs 15,000 to 62 families of Vidarbha region and 113 families in Marathawada regions of Maharashtra. He also donated Rs  10,00,000 to the  flood-ravaged villages in Bihar which he got when he won the Raj Kapoor Award.

3. He gave 22 Crores for the farmer’s welfare


Nana Patekar’s foundation has managed to collect Rs. 22 crores from the people for farmer welfare. The foundation is aiming to fill back the dried lakes with water to provide drinking water to farmers and their families. He has always helped the farmers in every possible way.

4. Nana had undergone strict army training for 3 years


Nana Patekar had undergone strict army training for three years to perfect his role for Prahaar. He was also given the honorary rank of Captain. Even after the last shot for that movie, he had lent his services to the army, including a stint during the Kargil war.

5. He donated sewing machines to the families


Nana  have donated Sewing machines to the families of farmers. His thoughts are huge and generous, I’ll have to do it to keep the human inside me alive. I’m not doing it for them, but for all of us. So let’s do it all together.



6. Nana has adopted villages


He has also adopted various villages and is working hard to make them model villages. He had once said that “When the camera is on, I am an actor; otherwise, I am an ordinary person. Stardom is temporary. Someday, it will fade away.”

7. His organization is planning to connect with 700 more areas


His organization now plans to connect with 700 more in the areas of Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad, Usmanabad etc. Nana’s goal is to provide each and every farmer a very beautiful life as they are working for all of us.

8. Nana Patekar used to paint zebra crossings


Nana used to paint zebra crossings before entering Bollywood. He did many odd jobs before becoming a star. He never feel ashamed of it. He knows the pain of the poor person and this might be the reason why he feels the pain of the poor.

9. Nana Patekar Has Donated Almost 90% Of His Earnings To Charity


Nana Patekar is a great social worker. He cannot see anyone in a pain. He keeps on helping every one who is in a need. Nana has donated 90% of his earnings to the charity. He just wants a smile on every farmer’s face.

10. Nana Patekar’s foundation received Rs 80 lacs on 1day


Nana Patekar’s foundation received a tremendous response since its first day of inauguration. The foundation collected ₹ 80 lacs on day 1. Today when people question an organization’s credibility, this one was a clear win for Nana Patekar and other founders.

A man with such kind heart, simple, Humble and Giving, Humanitarian man surely deserves a salute! Our world will become a better place to live in if we have more people like Nana Patekar around us!


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