If Westworld would have been made in Bollywood!!

The whole world is talking about  Westworld and we just loved it. So we just wondered seeing the success of this show if Yashraj or Dharma decided to ever make it in Bollywood then who would be casted in it and the results would be worth watching!!


Dr Robert Ford can be played by Amitabh Bachhan

Dr. Ford

Dolores Abernathy can be played by Shraddha Kapoor

Maeve Millay can be played by Bipasha Basu

Dr. Ford (5)

Bernard Lowe can be played by Nasaruddin Shah

Dr. Ford (9)

Teddy Flood can be played by Saif Ali Khan

Dr. Ford (3)

Logan can be played by Ranveer Singh

Dr. Ford (8)

Armistice can be played by Sonakshi Sinha

Dr. Ford (14)

Ashley Stubbs can be played by Govinda

Dr. Ford (11)


Lee Sizemore can be played by Siddharth Malhotra

Dr. Ford (13)

Hector Escaton can be played by Sonu Sood

Dr. Ford (12)

Clementine Pennyfeather can be played by Sonam Kapoor

Dr. Ford (7)

William can be played by Ranbir Kapoor

Dr. Ford (6)

Charlotte Hale can be played by Konkana Sen Sharma

Dr. Ford (10)

Elsie Hughes can be played by Katrina Kaif

Dr. Ford (16)

Man in Black can be played by Anil Kapoor

Dr. Ford (4)

Peter Abernathy can be played by Anupam Khair

Dr. Ford (15)


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