5 Reasons to Watch Spider-Man:Homecoming This July!

Everyone is a fan of Spiderman. We know Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t a traditional origin story. Peter Parker begins the film with his fancy suit and yet, the trailer suggests this movie is largely about Spidey’s origin. His friend from school serves as an exposition vacuum, sucking up every detail of Spider-Man’s character, powers, and costume. The Spiderman:Homecoming is coming to us in this July. Its trailer is out and so here are the 5 reasons why to watch Spider-Man:Homecoming..


1.No Origin Story


By the time we meet Peter Parker in Homecoming, he’s already been bitten by the radioactive spider, and he even had some crime-fighting experience. This time around, hopefully we won’t have a 30 minute montage of Peter Parker learning about his powers.


2.Diverse Cast Ever


Peter Parker is white but all his friends are not, which is pretty cool and unique for any movie, let alone one set in the MCU. It’s a small step towards actually having a diverse franchise, but it’s a step nonetheless.


3.Younger Peter Parker


No offense to Maguire or Andrew Garfield, but the stakes of having a teenage superhero are immediately raised in Homecoming by the fact that Holland was a teenager when he shot the film. A younger Peter Parker makes the story more authentic.


4.No Green Goblin



Green Goblin has been the main villain in two Spider-Man movies thus far, but he is not going to be there in this year’s film. The villain in Homecoming, known as the Vulture and played by Michael Keaton, is brand new to the big screen and a huge get for fans.

5.Iron Man


Obviously, Spider-Man’s previously established connection to the Avengers and the MCU will be a huge advantage in Homecoming. It’s a pretty well known Marvel fact that a MCU film can never have too much RDJ, and it looks like Homecoming is following that rule to the letter.





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