15 Amazing Facts About Power Rangers

1.The Yellow Ranger was actually played by a different person in the pilot episode, Audri DuBois. The martial artist had impressive skills, but was let go after the pilot after asking for more money.


2. It’s based on a Japanese series called Super Sentai that began in 1975. The American version we saw was based on the Dinosaur Corps of the Beast Rangers, which was the 16th version of the show.

3. The actors similarly did almost all of their own stunts. Since the show was non-union, they needed to do most of them, while wearing the helmets that had 3 holes in them to breathe.


4. Haim Saban, on a trip to Japan to meet with animators, discovered the show Super Sentai and decided they had to make use of this property. It took him seven years to make this a reality and sell the idea in America to Fox.

5. Bryan Cranston’s history with the series began long before he was cast as Zordon in the reboot. He was the voice of two monsters throughout the series.


6. The original voice actress for Rita in English Barbara Goodson, was fired for not giving a ‘witchy’ enough performance. However, she nailed the audition to find someone to replace her, and so we ended up with the scratchy voice we all love.

7. For the fighting sequences the English actors did get to do, they did most of the choreography themselves the day of. Walter Jones, who played Zack, revealed the process was usually something like “do something cool with that bench” and he’d have 30 minutes prep.


8. The action sequences were almost exclusively from the Japanese version of the show. They synched up their plots to the Japanese sequences.So the American actors very rarely actually wore the Power Ranger outfits.


9. Tommy, the Green Ranger, as played by Jason David Frank, was only supposed to be around for a few episodes, but was such a massive fan favorite that he became a permanent fixture of the show.


10. Ron Wasserman composed the Power Rangers theme song in 2 hours with a rough cut of the credits and his only instructions being to use the word ‘Go’ because of the great success of the Inspector Gadget theme son.

11. Despite all of this, and actually again because they were non-union, the actors were actually paid very little despite how huge a success the show was. Amy Jo Johnson revealed in an interview it was as low as $600/week.


12. The “teenagers with attitude” were found through open casting calls. After being narrowed down from thousands of applicants, they were separated into 6 groups of 5. The actors we know today were all grouped together, and the rest is history.

13. Richard Steven Horvitz (Alpha 5) is the only actor to appear in all 155 episodes of the series.


14. The show was originally going to be called, unsurprisingly, Dino Rangers. However, they changed the title to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers shortly after they began filming.


15. David Fielding, the actor who played Zordon, was only filmed once. The shimmery giant head was his, but the reason it never truly synched up to his future lines were because they kept reusing the images filmed that first day.



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