15 Actors who played diverse roles

1] Charlize Theron

She played a  serial killer Aileen Wuornos. And then she starred in Aeon Flux franchise, where she surely looked like a million dollars and was supremely efficient as a superhero.


2] Aamir Khan


He played a sweet, slim and entertaining alien in PK, and recently played a complete opposite character of strict, fat, father in dangal

3] R. Madhavan


Madhavan played a charming college student in 3 Idiots and recently in Saala Khados he played a strict coach he not only character-wise but physically transformed himself for the role.

4] Anne Hathway


She played a sweet soft princess in Princess dairies and completely different character in the dark knight rises.

5] Christian Bale


He is one of the most versatile actor, in American Hustle he gained a lot of weight while he played a superhero in the dark knight series.

6] Amitabh Bachchan


He is called as the Legend, and he proves it by playing different roles. he played a school boy in Paa, while in Piku he played a father.

7]  Heath Ledger


He is called as the best villain ever and while he played a sweet knight in other movie.

8] Sanjay Dutt


While in Agneepath he scare the shit of of us with his bad looks and amazing acting, in Munna bhai series he won our hearts with his sweetness.

9] Robert downey Jr.


He is the most loved Super hero, we all know him as Iron man. but this charming super hero is also a Oscar nominated actor for his role in Chaplin

10] Johnny Depp


He can be called as the man with many faces, in each of his movie he takes a new look and new mannerism. He may not have won an Oscar but he surely has won million of hearts through it.

11] Kamal Hassan

He is a Legend, give him any role and he will play it with awesomeness. he played a chachi in Chachi 420 and redefined the art by playing 10 different roles in Dasavatar.

12] Rishi Kapoor

He is just amazing the way Rishi Kapoor gets into characters can be seen with his diverse role like in agneepath he played a baddy and in Kapoor and Sons he played a sweet  Grandpa.

13] Manoj Bajpai

He is the most amazing actor you would ever come across, may it be various roles he has played which has differed in character-stick or mannerism or may it be looks. He just nails the movie with his stellar performances.

14] Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

The man is filled with amazing talent! he may not be good looking but he has all the talent in him. every single scene he has ever played he just nailed it. may it be a serial killer in Raman Ragav or a son in GOW. He just nailed it!

15]  Shah Rukh Khan

There is more to Shah Rukh Khan than just a romantic actor, he has proved it from time to time. May it be a role of king or of a superhero. He played all the characters with ease.




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