Things you should know about Stayzilla

  • Stayzilla- a Chennai based startup was started in 2005-06 under the name of but then they rebranded it to StayZilla – stay in every ‘zilla’ (district) — in 2010.
  • Stayzilla was founded with a laser-sharp vision to become India’s largest online marketplace for “Stays”.

  • Stayzilla was founded by Yogendra Vasupal, Rupal Surana, Sachit Snghi together in Chennai.
  • Its aim is to provide unprecedented reach to travelers by providing stays across the entire length and breadth of the country, including all sorts of options from ultra-low budget rooms to luxury stays.
  • Going beyond the realm of just hotels, they serve a well-balanced diet comprising of all manner of “Stay” options to customers including lodges, homestays, guesthouses, etc.

  • The company had raised around $34 million across four rounds of funding, counts Matrix Partners India and Nexus Ventures Partners among investors.
  • Looking for a budget stay in India has always been a very tedious task for travelers and tourists. So it becomes very easy with Stayzilla.
  •  Stayzilla is an online platform that enables individuals to research and reserve value hotels across India.
  • They provides shared Rooms, private rooms as well as apartments as well.

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