7 Reasons for waiting to see Baahubali: The Conclusion

Rajamouli’s Baahubali– The Beginning took the nation by storm when it released in July, 2015 . The teaser of Baahubali2 is out and we cannot wait to see it. It had amazing visual effects, awesome story line and outstanding performances. So Baahubali -The conclusion is expected to hit on the screen in 2016, so I think these are the reasons people are waiting to watch Baahubali2.


1) Waiting to watch why Katappa killed Baahubali?

The most important reason of waiting is to watch why did kattappa kill Baahubali. Why did the Royal slave Katappa kill the most fierce, brave King? Whether it was a blame taken by Katappa to shield someone.

2) Waiting to watch Shiva and Bhalla Deva’s clash

The first part of Baahubali only showed us Shiva killing Bhallala Deva’s son Bhadra, we are waiting to see what will happen when Shiva actually confronts Bhallala Deva in person. Will Bhallala Deva fall down to his knees pleading for mercy or will he roar like a lion at his cousin’s son who took away everything from him?

3) Waiting to watch VFX

S Rajamouli has promised Baahubali fans to make the second part with even more grandeur. So we cannot wait to see the VFX effects and huge grandeur. We can expect many ‘once more’ sequences this time.

4) Waiting to watch Anushka Shetty as Princess

In the first part, we saw Anushka Shetty as an infirm mother who waited with all respect for the return of her son. In the second part, we may actually get to see the beautiful romance between Baahubali and Maharani Devasena.

5) Waiting to see can Baahubali2 will reach the same Baahubali1 success?

Though we have seen many sequels and returns of films but nobody could able to cross such a success of 600Cr as Baahubali1. So we cannot hope this time the same but we can wait to see the success of Baahubali2.

6) Waiting to see Sivagami’s chase

Baahubali1 has shown how Sivagami has been chased with a baby. We all must be having a different story in our mind that defines why Sivagami has been chased by the soldiers. So hopefully Sivagami will come alive in Baahubali2.

7) Waiting to see Aslam Khan’s re-entry

We have seen in the first part, how the friendly fight happens between Kattappa and Aslam Khan. Now it is going to be interesting to see how Kattappa manages to use the Aslam Khan’s army to provide support to Shivudu.

Watch the trailer






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