Let’s Talk: with Novoneel Chakraborty, The Best-Selling Author

We are in conversation with The Sensational Best-Selling Author known for his different stories Novoneel Chakraborty. Where he talks about his latest book, ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ and various things.


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Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

Novoneel Chakraborty (NC): The fact that I’m a good cook.

TWB: What do you enjoy the most? Being a blogger or a Published Author?

NC: More than anything else I enjoy telling stories. The medium has never been the deciding factor. Even in my blog there are one-paragraph long stories.

TWB: In your last book ‘EX’, you had written that, when the lead character attends a lit feast, he gets to know that the best-selling authors buy their own book only to feature themselves in best-selling list. Does it happen in reality? And what do you conclude on that?

NC: What I mentioned in ‘EX’ was from the point-of-view of a fictional character. Can it happen in real? Yes it can. Does it happen in real or not? I’m not sure about it.


TWB: We are very much excited to know more about your new upcoming book, “Marry me, Stranger”. Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of “Marry me, Stranger” doesn’t tell him?

NC: One who has read my books before knows they have a mix of thrill, relationship quirks and philosophy. All that is very much there in ‘Marry Me, Stranger’. In essence it is a story of a girl who is pushed out of her emotional comfort zone and what she becomes thereafter. If I say more I will be revealing things which I want the readers to read and discover for themselves.

TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

NC: I think as much as people are devising new ways of promoting their book, people should also experiment with story lines, narratives and the like.

TWB: How do you visualize a story? How do you take it forward?

NC: It depends on what the trigger of the story is. Sometimes it is a character, sometimes it a scene that strikes me which gives way to a plot line as I explore it or at times it is some ‘what if’ incident. Once the trigger happens then the revelation of the story is a continuous process for me.

TWB: From the blurb we got to know that your latest upcoming book is based on ‘Stalking’. My question is, have you been stalked by someone? If yes, then, what was your reaction?

NC: ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ on the face of it seems like it deals with stalking but it goes beyond that.

There have been few online stalking episodes with me and one of them was really scary. But I’m thankful it is over now.

TWB: Critical Acclaim or Maximum Sales?

NC: Reader’s appreciation leading to Maximum Sales.

TWB: How do you come up with such intriguing and catchy titles for your books?

NC: There’s really no formula for this. You keep brainstorming and lock the title which you think fits the story the best. And thereby hope that people find it interesting as well.

TWB: Have you ever faced writer’s block? If yes, then, how do you cope up with it?

NC: My writing style is such that I don’t know what I’m going to write tomorrow. I seldom plan. Hence, the feeling of being blocked is always there. But I guess ‘writer’s block’ is something more serious than this. If I feel I’m not writing anything good then I take a break and read. And get back at writing with a fresh mind.

TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

NC: My grandfather and my father. In fact they have been my inspiration for life in general more than my writing journey.

TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

NC: After my first book I was told by many readers not to use very tough words. I have abided by that since then.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you been working on?

NC: ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ is a trilogy. Hence, I’m working on book two of the same as of now.

TWB: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what was it?

NC: I baked a cake some time back. It was for the first time I did so.

  • Rapid Fire

 TWB: Your favorite Book(s)

NC: The Fountainhead, The Alchemist, The Outsider.

TWB: Your favorite Author(s)

NC: Rabindranath Tagore, Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, Sidney Sheldon.

TWB: Describe yourself in three words

NC: Lost. Attached. Emotional.

TWB: Thank you Novoneel for this interview, we wish you a great life ahead.

Order ‘Marry Me, Stranger’,

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