Movie Time: Happy New Year


It was some months back when The first poster of Happy New Year (HNY) came, on the front page of TOI. It looked like something big was about to come, but still I had my doubts since Farah Khan’s last movie was Tees Maar Khan. Then finally the trailer was out of HNY and it was good. Then finally the day of Diwali arrived I checked BMS to see the booking and the shows were filling quickly so I booked the first day first show right then. Today when I walked the Movie hall it was full, the occupancy was nearly 100 % and with the outstanding entry of Shah Rukh Khan Movie started.

Farah has kept the story simple, it’s a tale of gang of Losers who lost everything because of the Villain. Everyone has some reason to be part of the team; if Abhishek, Deepika and Vivaan don’t have a reason then they have situations to be part of the Indiawale. Farah has done good job in bringing the big cast together and not making a mess. She manages to keep you in the hook. The movie starts slow introducing each and every character but then picks up.

Shah Rukh, Abhishek, Boman, Deepika, Sonu and Vivaan has given great performances. They are outstanding. Although the Villain Jackie Shroff don’t have much to do, still he manages well in his act. They all makes you laugh out loud. The heist scene is one of my most favorite scene everyone makes you laugh out loud in it.

The songs of Farah Khan movie are always best, but this time Vishal-Shekher has just given average music. They are shot well. Deepika’s Lovely is nowhere close to Shiela ki Jawani, but is good. The beauty of Dubai is captured well.

The movie has everything about something and yet it misses on something but still it manages to give you a full hearted laughter and will ‘Happily create New Records’ this diwali go out and watch HNY to get a good laughter and spend some awesome time… I will give 3 Stars out of 5.

Watch the Trailer,


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