EMOTIONS: The Burning Mirror by Stellar Ram

I see my face; in the burning Mirror.
I love to run away, with God acting as my Secret Tutor.

Love cleanses my Soul; I witness it in the Burning Mirror.
Time kills my Skills; I avoid it with an Avenging Terror.

When I am happy, I am burning with the Mirror.
When I am silent, I am the Burning Mirror.

Love cleanses my Soul.
Blood and death never stops me from reaching my Goal.

I know that the Fire will burn me.
Even then I give my desire as its fuel for me to reincarnate.

Then I take the burning mirror in my hand and taste it.
When they see me doing that, even Vampires vanish away in fear and tears.

Everyone of us have a Burning Mirror in front of us.
We can escape from everything; but not from ourselves, and the Burning Mirror.

It chases you, till the time you are burnt.
I am the only One who can see it; right into its eyes.

That is why, I am Mr. Stellar; rest of all are mere Mortals


If you loved this poem, then you will surely love his book “Scribbles of a  Stellar Rider”, a collection of freestyle poems. check it out!!



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