Book Review: I Was There by Saptadeep Basu and Mamta Sharma.

Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review “I Was There” by Saptadeep Basu and Mamta Sharma.


Book Description: Maansi, a simple village girl, trapped within the boundaries of family and honour, is in search for the answers to the queries that haunt her life. Reyaz, a medical intern, living under the burden of a complex relation, tries to understand a world that has failed to understand him.
Their paths cross, but so do their stars and death seems the only escape.
But what if death isn’t the end, but just the beginning of a journey that changes everything you know about yourself.
Unfold the pages to embark on a soul-stirring journey of love, magic, hatred and spiritualism that winds its way through the dusty lanes of Haryana, leaving behind answers that humanity have always sought for.


  • My View : First of all, I would like to congratulate the authors for choosing such a different concept for their first book. Writing a beautiful spiritual fiction without getting too much preachy is not an easy task but the authors have done a quite successful job in this regard.

 The story begins on an unusual note where the girl, Maansi living in a very conservative rural village discovers that she is not alive anymore and she is in the journey to meet God. The story keeps seesawing between before death and after death.

The harrowing incidents of Maansi’s life do not fail to move the readers’ heart. They have been narrated in a subtle yet profound way. Being born as a girl in a rural Haryana, Maansi’s life had been stained by countless agonies and woes right from her childhood. When she falls in love with a young medical intern, her fate gets tested again and the innocent love gets tarnished with the horrendous dogmas of the village.

The beauty of the book was the answers that Maansi sought after her death. The moment where she met God, the description of how God looked and the answers to the questions that haunted Maansi all her life won’t fail to enlighten a person reading this book.

This book is an enriching read which will give readers something to remember, long after they have finished reading it. The book could have been too preachy and dragging if it was lengthy. The authors have rightly wrapped it within 156 pages. The slight downside that I found in the book was that it could have been more compact. There are some minor loose ends that can be ignored though.

It is a must read for people who loves to read profound, philosophical and meaningful books. Though it is a spiritual fiction, “I was there” can also be perceived as a self-help book.

My rating: 4/5

Title:     I Was There

Author: Saptadeep Basu and Mamta Sharma

ISBN-10: 9788192877

ISBN-13: 9788192877433


Genre: Spiritual Fiction

Publisher: Penpoint Publications

Buy this book online:

So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By: Purba Chakraborty (Team WordBite)           






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