Movie Review: Haider



Exceptional and Unexceptional at the same time

Haider staring Shahid Kapur  is a quintessential Vishal Bhardwaj film adapted from one of Shakespeare’s most powerful tragedies – Hamlet. A revenge as an underlining motive Haider is a story about a son’s pursuit in finding his father. It’s set in 1995, Haider’s father, a docter has been imprisoned by the army for trying to save a militant’s life. Parallel to this, Haider is a movie narrating the plight of the common Kashmiris at that time, when they were picked and jailed and then they get disappeared.

HAIDER definitely is Shahid Kapoor’s best performance till date. Kay Kay Menon with his menacing character actually steals the show with his superb expressions. Tabu, who as Ghazala, in some scenes towers over everyone. . A special mention goes to the duo that plays ‘Salman Khan do-alikes’. Shradha Kapoor looks fresh and suits brilliantly as a kashmiri girl but her acting is not so exciting


Talking about the screenplay I can say that there was a time in between after the interval when I felt that, actually haider isn’t about Hamlet, neither was it about Jammu and Kashmir or the militants, but then….what was it about?

Haider has everything,  great performances from each and everyone who worked with the film, and had every ingridients right but is terribly let down by a confused screenplay.

Music is superb and what makes the music superb is the lyrics. My favorite pick will be Jhelum. “Kisse Poochhein Kitni Der Se
Dard Ko Sehte Jaana Hai” , this line actually made me feel the actual plight faced by the Kashimiris.

Cinematography was brilliant and I could see the actual  lanes from Jammu and Kashmir without the usually shown tourist spots.

Dialogues by Vishal Bharadwaj was so intense and generously written.

All in all I would recommend this movie to everyone who wants to watch some real acting, who wants to watch some real political scenario of the hills. Go for it!

I’ll give this film 3/5

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