The time that the novel ‘A Hundred Lives for You’ is set in takes me back to a time when I was a child: Shah Rukh Khan



Abhisar Sharma, is a bestselling author and prominent television journalist. Abhisar’s latest book A Hundred Lives for You published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors, one of the leading publishers in India is already up for grabs on all leading online stores and will be available across major bookstores from November 2014 onward.

The book is a melting pot of emotions that moves with the anger and pace of a thriller. This is a growing of age story of a young boy who lives through tumultuous relationships in the backdrop of the merciless riots of 1984 in the very heart of Delhi to finally achieving peace and getting due justice as a successful journalist


Amidst a whirlwind tour to promote the latest blockbuster movie “Happy New Year”, team HNY took out time to pre-release Abhisar’s novel A Hundred Lives for You in Noida. Abhisar presented copies of his novel to Shahrukh Khan, Deepika PadukoneBoman Irani and Farah Khan.


Visibly excited, Shahrukh Khan said, “This is a novel set in a time when I was growing up in Delhi, i.e. the ’70s and ’80s. It has certainly got me curious. It was also the time when Delhi witnessed its worst carnage. The blurb looks promising. The time that the novel is set in takes me back to a time when I was a child”. Shahrukh has promised to get back to the author with his views on the novel via twitter.

20141021_214258 (1)

Farah Khan, the director of Happy New Year said, “I am going get my hands on the book as soon as I finish promoting the movie”. Farah also responded with a somewhat positive, “You never really know” to Abhisar’s quip, “You might find a plot for your next movie (in this book)”.


Boman Irani who has already read Abhisar’s first novel Eye of the Predator, said that he is looking forward to (reading) this one too.


The whole team of Happy New Year is endorsing this interesting novel and this is surely an achievement for the author whose previous novels were equally appreciated by one and all.

A Hundred Lives for You by Abhisar Sharma is currently available for Pre- Orders in all the leading online stores


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THE PRETENCE by J. M. Shorney


 by J. M. Shorney


If Katy Hillier didn’t spend quite so much of her time concentrating on Tom Bridger’s best attributes, she might have been better concentrating on her work, and getting her grades.

The tight black trousers he wore with his familiar tweed jacket, complete with elbow patches, was in keeping with his persona of being a teacher of course.The strident way he had of walking as always with a purpose. Tom was a new addition to  Myrtlebank School. Though why he should have chosen this remote South Coastal school after London, she failed to understand. But Katy was so pleased that he did, or she would never have met him.

He just happened to teach her favourite subject, English Lit. The way he recited all those romantic poems;‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? She imagined that Tom was saying them to her exclusively. All the other pupils were merely blurs, faceless non entities, Tom barely noticed.

He wrote poetry too and read it out in class. With his rather upperclass accent, every word he uttered  thrilled through her. He wore his dark hair quite long. She caught herself staring at the way his hair sort of curled around his ears almost femininely, that his ears were quite small for a man.

His eyes were so dark and intense when they settled on her. They did now while he recited something from Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet was her favourite. She’d never given Shakespeare the time of day until she met Tom.

Up until a week ago, Tom was merely her teacher, she just another pupil with a crush. Then one afternoon, while she struggled with learning her lines for a play Tom had written and was intent on producing, she had waited until she could grab his attention after class. His head was lowered over marking out places in a book on his desk, the dark curly hair practically obscuring his handsome features. They talked awhile. Then, taking her by surprise, he told her that he would have had to be blind if he hadn’t guessed how she felt. She wished the ground could have opened up beneath her.The colour rushed to her face and she started to apologise, aware how wrong it was to entertain such feelings for a teacher.

After all, he was at twenty six, nine years her senior. Plus there were terrible implications that he could go to jail. Then there was Ursula. Ursula was Tom’s wife. Katy was crushed when she discovered he was married. But he was so young. She’d cried herself to sleep afterward, but it failed to lessen the crush. She fantasised, while she lay on the bed in her room, what it would be like if  she and Tom had an affair. Of course it couldn’t possibly happen. It was unthinkable,until that afternoon. When he closed the door, and positioned himself in front of her. Before she could speak, or realise, his arm was around her, and his hand had slithered, like an uncoiling reptile up into her panties. Katy, aware of what they were doing, was so unutterably wrong, but nonetheless exciting.

Reaching up to kiss his lips, with the feeling that she would find herself back in her room,everything nothing more than some beautiful dream when she felt him respond. She’d peeled open her blouse for his searching hands to cup about her breasts. Hazarding an uneasy glance at the door, he assured her that no one would enter. They made love. He was gentle with her because she was a virgin. Tom told her that he was pleased that she was. That she hadn’t given herself to any other man.

From then on the crush deepened into love. She’d penned his name on the back of her hand when she was at home. Her brother Martin teased her about having a boyfriend. When was she going to bring Tom home for tea? Martin had brought all his girlfriends home for tea, but Katy had no intention of doing that. Tom was her secret. He suggested how it would be unwise to tell the world about their affair.

“Are we having an affair then?” she had dared ask.

“You know I want an affair with you, Katherine.” That was her given name. Katy made her sound too childish. The poetry of her name rolled off his tongue, enough to send her to the stars and beyond. In fact Katherine Hillier had grown up, and was now a young woman in love.

If only she hadn’t seen Ursula for the first time, when his wife had picked Tom up from school. Katy froze  instinctively Tom’s lips had wandered over his wife’s  Jealousy coursed through her and she wished that he would divorce Ursula. Katy had  envisioned the woman, who Tom said was a nag and cold in bed, as some kind of shrewish harridan. She was destined to be disappointed when she saw what a stunner Ursula actually was. Katy was pretty, but pitted  against Ursula’s sophistication and beauty, Katy felt dowdy and resentful.

She had dared to mention the fact to him that she had seen him kiss his wife. “Well, I’ve got to keep up the pretence haven’t I?” he said, following the contour of her face with a gentle hand. “It’s you I really love.”

He’d picked her up from the corner of her road in his sporty BMW. They’d gone for a drive, his hands had been all over her when they parked, but Katy dreamed of wanting more. Aware the best time to mention it was prior to the sexual act, that he either loved his wife, or he loved her. He should choose. Being a mistress wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and was interfering with her studies.

“But I can’t leave her.”  He had appeared suitably shocked at the suggestion.

“Do you love her?”

“You know I don’t. In fact I don’t think I ever loved her. I only married her for her money. Her parents were killed in a car crash, and left her comfortably off.”

“But I can’t be second best.”

Moving into kiss her lips, he said, “then we don’t have a choice,do we?”

“What do you mean?”

“She’ll have to die.”

“But…but that’s a bit drastic isn’t it?” Katy entertained an initial twinge of unease, yet alternatively a sense of something akin to excitement simultaneously. “You mean, kill her?”

Their secret affair had now overspilled into murder. Katy and Tom planned to kill Ursula. But how to do it? He suggested the evening was the best time, when she took the little Pekinese for its walk along the cliff path. They should follow her. What could be more simple but a rough push against her back, and a fall into the sea? Katy hadn’t wanted to be present when he did it.

“But you must,darling. We ‘re both in this together. Besides, I love you.” He did that thing again. His hand roving the outline of her face, telling her how beautiful she was. That they would leave and set up home together. They wouldn’t find Ursula’s body for days. When they did the rocks would have disfigured her too grotesquely for identification. “What about the money if they don’t find her body. You won’t be able to claim.”

“What a shrewd little thing you are. I already have access to her bank account. It’ll be a simple matter of collecting. I shall broadcast that she has left me. That I’m moving to pastures new. What about your family?”

“I don’t care about anything but being with you,” she said, cuddling into him, listening to the rapid beating of his heart against her breasts.

Katy had never once considered the implications of killing someone. She was far too besotted with this man. She considered that once Ursula was removed from their lives and they had her money, they could be together always. They, or rather Tom, had planned it for that very evening. He promised he’d remind Ursula about taking the dog out. Then he’d meet Katy. He advised her to wear dark clothing in case they were seen. From her earlier anxieties,now only the thrill of excitement and danger remained. To think of the secret they would share, in love and death.

It was late in the evening when she received the text from Tom, instructing her to meet him, when she imagined he might have forgotten. She dressed in a dark coat, jeans, and a scarf to cover her distinctive blonde hair. Tom was similarly clad with the addition of a woollen  hat. A wild excitement washed over her when she saw him, and he hissed for her to conceal herself behind a tree. She was merely a witness, but they would be in this together nonetheless.

Soon Ursula moved into view, dragging the little Peke on his equally little legs, before pausing to allow him to do his business.It was a fine night, although a trace of wind had sprung up and caused Ursula’s long blonde hair to stream around her. The tide was rising, sweeping over the rocks, and washing back out to sea. She stopped to drink in the idyllic scenery, simultaneously the man in dark clothing stepped out from behind the bushes. A gloved hand appearing from his coat, he pushed the hand hard  against her back.The Peke began yapping wildly, as if sensing danger.

From her hiding place, Katy observed the tableau. She heard Ursula exclaim, “Tom!” in surprise.She then slipped, falling on the stones she had loosened with her shoe. She was sent hurtling to her death, her white skin crushed on the rocks. Her  screams  carried away by the rising wind, the rush of air, unable to save herself.

The sight of Ursula pushed to her deathleft Katy trembling and physically sick. Yet, above it allit meant that Tom must love her enough to kill his wife. His beautiful wife.

He stood there momentarily, as if transfixed by shock over what he had done. Katy rushed into his arms. Feeling their strength envelope her, she was surprised to observe the hint of wetness in his eyes. Now she was the strong one. She comforted him. She declared her love and how Ursula’s murder had sealed their union. She explained how they shouldgo away, leave that place. There were no witnesses, save maybe for the little Peke, who was still yapping, until Katy gathered the small dog up in her arms.

Tom was swift to regain his composure, however, and counselled they should keep up the pretence until he had worked things out. They would need enough money of course. He planned to clean out Ursula’s bank account first. He reckoned she had over a million in there. Ursula had certainly been left comfortably off.

On the following Monday Katy returned to school, although suffering two sleepless nights, admixed with both excitement and fear simultaneously. Her heart accelerated when Tom walked into classand began reciting the romantic poetry that never failed to thrill through her. Now they shared a terrible secret. Katy wondered if maybe she had dreamed the entire thing. She wanted to get away. Abroad. The other side of the world. As long as she was with him, Mars wouldn’t have been far enough.

Katy sensed something different about him. When the poetry that rolled off his tongue so dramatically, which she believed he recited for her alone, he barely glanced her way. Of course she must keep up  the pretence that he so insisted on. While he barely acknowledged her, she caught him chatting in earnest to Josephine Rowan, one of the prettiest girls in the school. When Katy accused him, he merely smiled, and referred to keeping up the pretence again. It would look suspicious if they rushed things. She wanted to know if he had broadcast it around that his wife had left him. He assured her that he had. Schools  are notorious for circulating rumour, but no one seemed to know anything about Mr Bridger’s wife leaving him. Tom appeared so nonchalant, it was infuriating.

A woman’s  body had been recovered from the sea. It was all over the news, but the features were too disfigured to be recognised. She was put down as another unknown victim.Katy listened. The waiting was getting to her now. She had enough. Her texts, calls and e-mails were all ignored.

Sod to keeping up the pretence. Guessing Tom must be alone, she caught a bus to his house.

Waiting patiently for a response to her summons, Katy was astonished when a woman came to the door. Further surprised when she saw that the woman was none other  than Ursula Bridger. Ursula Bridger who she had seen plunge to her death on the cliffs. This was definitely the same woman.

“Can I help you?” she enquired, her tone solicitous and friendly.Flicking on the porch light so as to obtain a closer look, she added, “oh, you must be one of my husband’s students.”

Close to fainting, Katy failed to tender any kind of response. Her head was spinning. A dead woman had answered the door.  “There’s someone to see you, darling,” Ursula called.

Darling. How could she?

When Tom appeared, his arm encircling his wife’s waist, he said, “Oh it’s Katy isn’t it?” so nonchalantly, she felt sick.  “We’re about to have a meal right now. Whatever you want it’ll have to wait until school tomorrow ” He nuzzled his wife’s neck simultaneously.

She was unable to remain any longer, to face the spectacle of Tom cuddling up to a woman he was supposed to have killed. But he had killed her. There was no mistake. She had even heard Ursula exclaim, “Tom!” in surprise.

Katy, ran into the night,her eyes blinded by tears. She flung herself into the nearest police station. There she confessed everything to a sympathetic sergeant, who promised to investigate by going to see the Bridger’s. He returned with news that served to leave Katy cold and numb inside.

Tom Bridger had no idea what she was talking about. He had never once entertained any romantic leanings toward the seventeen year old girl. He valued his job too much. As for his wife, she thought it hilarious that one of her husband’s pupils should imagine he had murdered her. After all, wasn’t she very much alive?  They wouldn’t press charges against Katy. She was still a child at heart. She wasn’t the first schoolgirl to have a crush on her teacher, resentful of the wife getting in the way.

“You know what an imagination these young girls have?” Tom Bridger told the sergeant.

“We’ve committed murder, and actually got away with it!” Angela Morton exclaimed, throwing her arms around Tom Bridger’s ‘ neck. “It was really obliging of my sister to have a twin wasn’t it?”

“A twin I’ve been in love with for the last three years,” he said.


The End


Did you enjoy reading this beautiful story, then you will also enjoy J. M. Shorney’s latest novel Progeny of a Killer.

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Book Review: It’s for you…Mihi by MD. Asif

Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review ‘It’s for you…Mihi by MD. Asif’


  • Book Description


Have you ever fought for a friend who was bashed badly while running nude on the way?

Have you ever climbed up a building through a mango tree, just for getting her glimpse?

Do you have a romantic girlfriend who follows your words as that of the God?

Have you ever surprised your girlfriend on the bank of a pond outside the town at 12 am?

Have you ever travelled around 1000 km for a girl who broke up with you around 270 days ago?

Have you ever got caught stealing diary of your berth mate in a train?

Have you ever gone under so much influence of a trauma that you tried to attempt a suicide?

How would you react when the reason of that trauma proves to be a fake one?

It’s for you MIHI will take you the journey filled with such overwhelming love story where the pit of your stomach will be sacked by all the emotions known to human world. Your skin will be filled with goose bumps and as you will feel the joys and sorrows you will eventually become the invisible part of this romantic saga.

Let’s join Asif in his encounter with the love of his life and the listless experiences that came along with the package.

  • My View  

To be honest, I don’t read this kind of books where without any central story, a list of feelings are jotted down. But “It’s for you…Mihi” managed to make me like the book but only not intensely. It’s just a boy turning the whole wide world upside down to win back his love. Although it is quite often we quote that teenage love never cease to exist, since it’s immature, but the author has contradicted that and proved that the love he tried to depict from the protagonists of his book is pure, innocent, naïve and precious like an uncut diamond! I liked the flow of narration, which will easily make his readers hooked to the book and the best thing is that it is not only about love between two teenagers, but mostly about a life of a teenager and we get to experience that life right from the eyes of a teenager. How their worlds are so fragile and their careers only the one important thing in their lives despite certain temptations, and how they so much depend upon their parents yet it seems like there’s a cold war and how they always listen to their heart! That’s the best thing about the book; the author has made us realize that when we are teenagers we tend to think from our heart rather from mind! But when we grow older we tend to think from our mind and in that process we lose so many things! The characters are strikingly portrayed, quite believable. And the author’s choice of simple words has turned his story into a real delightful read. There are lots of flaws in the book, but since this opened my heart and made me realize how sometimes we neglect the person who matters us the most, I’ll rather not talk about those minor flaws! In one word: A must read for all teenagers. And the book really awed by heart, for once it completely touched my heart mostly because of Asif, the protagonist! And I’m sure after reading this book; teen girls might want a loving boyfriend like Asif! He is such an ideal boyfriend material!

Slogan: Love is precious. Learn to treasure it!

  • My rating: 3/5


Title: It’s for you…Mihi

Author: Md. Asif

ISBN-10: 938302304X

ISBN-13: 9789383023042

Genre: Fiction>>Indian Writing



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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By: Aditi Saha (Team WordBite)




Let’s Talk: with Reenita Malhotra Hora, Author of ‘Operation Mom’.

We are in conversation with a very interesting and beautiful personality, Reenita Malhotra Hora, who shares with us some interesting facts about her latest sensational novel, Operation Mom. She also talks about her taking keen interests in multiple things and much more. Have a look!


  • Let’s talk


Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

Reenita Malhotra Hora (RMH) : About three years ago, I went to my boss at RTHK Radio 3 and pitched an idea for a story-telling show on the weekends.

‘What is it exactly that you want to do?,’ he asked.

Well, I have always loved Ira Glass’s This American Life on NPR. I want to do my version – This Asian Life.’

‘That’s like the most successful radio show in America! You do realize that NPR has huge budgets that we can’t afford here at RTHK.’

Like that was going to stop me.

‘I still want to do it!’ I insisted. My boss knew me all too well.

‘Be my guest, as long as you can pull off a one woman team,’ he said. ‘But you’d better come up with something really damned good!’

A few months later, the show came to fruition under the title Asian Threads. Having always taken storytelling for granted, I had no idea how difficult it would be to string together a half hour docu-story series on a regular basis using music, voice, interview and narrative to seamlessly craft a single story. It was harder than anything I had done in print and certainly responsible for the grey hairs I developed along the way.

Last year it became an award-winning show. The New York Festivals International Radio Programming awards (or as I like to put it the Oscars of Radio) awarded the ‘Girl in the Green dress’ episode the gold award for programming in current affairs category.

But that’s not the part that everyone doesn’t know!

I got to go to New York for the award ceremony. I walked the red carpet and got to make a thank you speech. And guess who presented me with my award? The producers of This American Life!

Was that coincidence or a Gift from the Gods? Hardly anyone knows that but all I can say is that it was one of my biggest me moments ever!

IMG_0038 (1)

TWB: “….….come tap my storehouse, I have many tales to tell!” This is what your website tells about you in the end. Your passion with Ayurveda, then now you work for an English language radio in Hong Kong. You also I dabbled with a wide range of media gigs. You earlier books were based on Ayurveda and now your latest book is a Young-Adult fiction. Being a multi talented personality, what is the reason behind liking and indulging in these diverse choices?

RMH: I have been telling people recently that I can rely on no one to keep me entertained but myself! Last summer, a good friend in San Francisco actually gave me a talking to.

“You have to stick to one genre,” she insisted. ‘How else are you ever going to master it?”

I guess there might be some truth in what she said but to me it’s a matter of discovering life, the world, different ideas, stories, genres…..and of course keeping myself entertained and engaged as I do so.

TWB: Can you give our audience a little sneak peek about the Hong Kong protests? What role are you playing in it?

RMH: Oh gosh. I am merely a bystander I have been really taken up with the protests not just because I am a person who truly values liberty but because like many others, I am a foreigner here riding on the coat-tails of a society that brings me success – materially and career-wise. I think that all too many of us live on the highs of success but forget to acknowledge that it is built upon the kind of freedom that we take for granted in our own countries.

It really gets to me that the kids out there are out there not to disrupt the law and order but to simply ask China to revoke its blatant breach of contract guaranteeing their rights. And the kids out there are barely older than mine – which make it all the more real and relevant. The real turning point for Hong Kong is 2047, these kids will be in their prime then…they know this and it’s why they are taking action now.

I go out sometimes as a journalist to cover the event, but often as a lay person who simply wants to be there to offer support. It’s peaceful…but history will show you how all events are peaceful until they are no longer peaceful. I have not been out lately because my husband is out of the country. With my son at home, I can’t risk falling prey to danger myself. Even that is something that many find laughable but you never know when a crackdown could come.

TWB: Now coming back to your book, why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of “Operation Mom” doesn’t tell him?

RMH: Oh my goodness, do you like to laugh? If so then Operation Mom will hit your funny bone. I think that many of us Indians take ourselves too seriously and cliched as it sounds, laughter really is medicine for your mind-body. The BBC has done huge amounts of research on how it helps the aging process, supports fitness and keeps couples together.

I grew up reading very serious novels, most of them classical British literature. It wasn’t until I moved to the United States many years later that I discovered the American sense of humor – so basic, so subtle and so able to lighten your mood on any given day. So I knew I wanted to write a humorous novel.

And then there is that whole element of predictability and safety in India. You don’t find stories where the daughter is setting the mother up – usually it happens the other way around. You don’t find stories which expose you to a variety of ethnic situations strewn around Mumbai – all ripe for comedic interpretation. That’s what I wanted to do. As a Mumbaikar I feel like I have many affinities – to the Punjabi way of life, to the Parsi community, to places like Swati Snacks and Worli Seaface…these all found their way into my book.

TWB: Is there a story behind the story of Operation Mom?

RMH: No story as such. The story is fictional but the scenes and settings are taken from real life. The George Micahel anecdote is take from my life – I stalked him in my teen years, without thaid of the internet or social media, mind you!

I guess here is the story – a year or two before I wrote the book, I was chatting with my brother’s friend at a party and somehow, we got talking about the whole George Michael episode. The guy listened with rapt amazement as I gave him the details of how I stalked the pop star through his cat. He said to me ‘That would make a great chic flick, you know!’

I was intrigued but know nothing about film so decided to turn it into YA chic-lit instead!

TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

RMH: Yes – as I mentioned earlier, there seems to be some reluctance to ‘step-out-of-the-box’ so to speak. Publishers are looking for ‘what sells’ and are reluctant to put the effort to promoting books themselves. This really gets me. As authors we need to focus on our craft yet we invariably end up investing way too much time in being salespeople. It’s not a great idea.

TWB: Why did you choose to write something on this particular genre?

RMH: So it happened without planning. And not with this book either.

As far as the world is concerned, my Young Adult Crossover story, Operation Mom – how I got my mother a life and a man is my debut novel but truth be told, my entry point into this genre was with another book, The Chronicles of Arya, that is due to be published by Om Books International very shortly. It just so happened that Operation Mom though written after that was published before.

The Chronicles of Arya is a fantasy fiction story about an eleven-year old boy in San Francisco who falls though a crack to find himself in Ramayana land. He brings with him the very last copy of the ancient epic which Ravana, the king of demons, want to destroy so he can rewrite history from his own vantage point. A coming-of-age story, this is about how Arya must come to terms with death and demons (and not necessarily the kind you are expecting to see) in order to truly accomplish his hero’s journey.

There was a point in my life when I was living in San Francisco, that I became obsessed with the literature of the Sundar Kand. I would drive over to UC Berkely to attend their Sanskrit classes just so that I could read the book. It coincided with a period when my son was quite young and fascinated with super heroes, specifically Hanuman. The act of recreating the stories of Hanuman, how he is still walking the earth and how to interpret the verse from the Ramayan to make sense of how a vanar can fly….these were all impetus for me to write the story, my first YA story.

TWB: You dedicate your spare time to diverse activities like writing about the dysfunctional nature of life and living, stand-up comedy and of course my day job. Can you elaborate?

RMH: Like I said earlier, if I don’t entertain myself, who else will? I love stand up comedy – watching it, doing it, using it as a testing ground to assess whether a story or an idea will work for an audience or not.

To be honest, in this age of ADHD, it is really hard to grab someone’s attention and entice them into having a conversation with you, let alone reading your book. And this might sound crazy but I also find many author presentations boring. So if I am invited to speak as an author, I make mine as lively as possibly – it’s more of a standup comedy show than a classical book reading. At my Hong Kong book event, I decided to totally liven up the audience by getting into a pre-teen mode myself and then I invited one of the characters, Dr. Mirno to make an appearance. You can see a video of Dr. Mirno here.

And attached please find a selfie with her from my HK book event.


TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

RMH: Definitely my late grandfather, Gopal Krishan Vij. He was an avid reader, writer and story-teller who respected nothing more than the power of the written word. He encouraged me to write from a very young age. And he gave me some of his own fascinating stories too…that he had penned, asking that one day I publish them too. That day is yet to come but it is a huge debt I must repay.

TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

RMH: When I wrote Operation Mom, I did so for an Indian audience. Not that this particular storyline couldn’t find readership outside of India But my agent told me that they were specifically looking for Indian stories and characters. Fine to contextualize but in retrospect I would have done it differently. My fellow writers in my critique group here in Hong Kong have advised me that my stories must be written for an international audience even if they are Indian stories. So context, conjecture, narrative…all needs to be borne with the idea of the reader outside India. I agree and have taken the advice to heart.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you been working on?

RMH: Next on the pre-teen fiction side is The Chronicles of Arya published by Om Books International. And on the adult fiction side is Money-Smart – The Indian Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth, a badly needed how-to on investing and growing your money published by Hachette India. It’s wisdom that is spouted daily on my finance radio show, Money For Nothing on RTHK Radio 3 but catered specifically for the middle class Indian woman. Then I am also working on The Ayurvedic Diet to be published by Harper Collins. This one is a diet/cookbook based upon the health principles of Ayurveda. I am almost done with the manuscript. When it is complete I go back to my next YA fiction novel which is yet to be named. It is a coming-of-age story about at 17 year old boy from Mumbai – set one summer in Devlali.

TWB: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what was it?

RMH: Almost a year ago, last December, I organized at city-wide Scavenger Hunt to raise money for RTHK’s annual charity, Operation Santa Claus. It was huge. Took a month to plan and very stressful but huge amounts of fun and wildly successful.


  • Rapid Fire

TWB: Your favorite Book(s)

TWB: Your favorite Author(s)

RMH: These ones are really hard to answer. I am going to defer you to a blog post:

TWB: Describe yourself in three words

RMH: Mexican Food Addict

TWB: Thank you Reenita for this interview, we wish you a great life ahead. J

RMH: Cheers!

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Let’s Talk: with Novoneel Chakraborty, The Best-Selling Author

We are in conversation with The Sensational Best-Selling Author known for his different stories Novoneel Chakraborty. Where he talks about his latest book, ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ and various things.


  • Let’s talk

 Novoneel Chakraborty_New

Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

Novoneel Chakraborty (NC): The fact that I’m a good cook.

TWB: What do you enjoy the most? Being a blogger or a Published Author?

NC: More than anything else I enjoy telling stories. The medium has never been the deciding factor. Even in my blog there are one-paragraph long stories.

TWB: In your last book ‘EX’, you had written that, when the lead character attends a lit feast, he gets to know that the best-selling authors buy their own book only to feature themselves in best-selling list. Does it happen in reality? And what do you conclude on that?

NC: What I mentioned in ‘EX’ was from the point-of-view of a fictional character. Can it happen in real? Yes it can. Does it happen in real or not? I’m not sure about it.


TWB: We are very much excited to know more about your new upcoming book, “Marry me, Stranger”. Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of “Marry me, Stranger” doesn’t tell him?

NC: One who has read my books before knows they have a mix of thrill, relationship quirks and philosophy. All that is very much there in ‘Marry Me, Stranger’. In essence it is a story of a girl who is pushed out of her emotional comfort zone and what she becomes thereafter. If I say more I will be revealing things which I want the readers to read and discover for themselves.

TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

NC: I think as much as people are devising new ways of promoting their book, people should also experiment with story lines, narratives and the like.

TWB: How do you visualize a story? How do you take it forward?

NC: It depends on what the trigger of the story is. Sometimes it is a character, sometimes it a scene that strikes me which gives way to a plot line as I explore it or at times it is some ‘what if’ incident. Once the trigger happens then the revelation of the story is a continuous process for me.

TWB: From the blurb we got to know that your latest upcoming book is based on ‘Stalking’. My question is, have you been stalked by someone? If yes, then, what was your reaction?

NC: ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ on the face of it seems like it deals with stalking but it goes beyond that.

There have been few online stalking episodes with me and one of them was really scary. But I’m thankful it is over now.

TWB: Critical Acclaim or Maximum Sales?

NC: Reader’s appreciation leading to Maximum Sales.

TWB: How do you come up with such intriguing and catchy titles for your books?

NC: There’s really no formula for this. You keep brainstorming and lock the title which you think fits the story the best. And thereby hope that people find it interesting as well.

TWB: Have you ever faced writer’s block? If yes, then, how do you cope up with it?

NC: My writing style is such that I don’t know what I’m going to write tomorrow. I seldom plan. Hence, the feeling of being blocked is always there. But I guess ‘writer’s block’ is something more serious than this. If I feel I’m not writing anything good then I take a break and read. And get back at writing with a fresh mind.

TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

NC: My grandfather and my father. In fact they have been my inspiration for life in general more than my writing journey.

TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

NC: After my first book I was told by many readers not to use very tough words. I have abided by that since then.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you been working on?

NC: ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ is a trilogy. Hence, I’m working on book two of the same as of now.

TWB: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what was it?

NC: I baked a cake some time back. It was for the first time I did so.

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 TWB: Your favorite Book(s)

NC: The Fountainhead, The Alchemist, The Outsider.

TWB: Your favorite Author(s)

NC: Rabindranath Tagore, Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, Sidney Sheldon.

TWB: Describe yourself in three words

NC: Lost. Attached. Emotional.

TWB: Thank you Novoneel for this interview, we wish you a great life ahead.

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Emotions: LEAD YOUR LIFE by Pratiksha Nakti



Path of your life is

Scattered with barrier

Lead your journey

Man you are a worrier!

Sustain your way

Like a graceful fire

Let your dream

Be a greedy desire

Fighting with battles

Though you hinder

Strive for your goal

To get it as render

Nothing is powerful

Than your ambition

Admit your potency

Retaining a clear perception

Keep on raising

To touch the sky

It won’t end till

You lead more high

Movie Time: Happy New Year


It was some months back when The first poster of Happy New Year (HNY) came, on the front page of TOI. It looked like something big was about to come, but still I had my doubts since Farah Khan’s last movie was Tees Maar Khan. Then finally the trailer was out of HNY and it was good. Then finally the day of Diwali arrived I checked BMS to see the booking and the shows were filling quickly so I booked the first day first show right then. Today when I walked the Movie hall it was full, the occupancy was nearly 100 % and with the outstanding entry of Shah Rukh Khan Movie started.

Farah has kept the story simple, it’s a tale of gang of Losers who lost everything because of the Villain. Everyone has some reason to be part of the team; if Abhishek, Deepika and Vivaan don’t have a reason then they have situations to be part of the Indiawale. Farah has done good job in bringing the big cast together and not making a mess. She manages to keep you in the hook. The movie starts slow introducing each and every character but then picks up.

Shah Rukh, Abhishek, Boman, Deepika, Sonu and Vivaan has given great performances. They are outstanding. Although the Villain Jackie Shroff don’t have much to do, still he manages well in his act. They all makes you laugh out loud. The heist scene is one of my most favorite scene everyone makes you laugh out loud in it.

The songs of Farah Khan movie are always best, but this time Vishal-Shekher has just given average music. They are shot well. Deepika’s Lovely is nowhere close to Shiela ki Jawani, but is good. The beauty of Dubai is captured well.

The movie has everything about something and yet it misses on something but still it manages to give you a full hearted laughter and will ‘Happily create New Records’ this diwali go out and watch HNY to get a good laughter and spend some awesome time… I will give 3 Stars out of 5.

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