Rapid Fire: With the Best Selling Author Purba Chakraborty

Rapid Fire with the Best Selling Author Purba Chakraborty

Purba Chakraborty is born to a Bengali family in Kolkata on 17th June, 1990. She is a freelance content writer, blogger, book reviewer and magazine writer. ‘WALKING IN THE STREETS OF LOVE AND DESTINY’ is her first novel. Her second novel is ‘THE HIDDEN LETTERS…”.Many of her short stories have been published in various anthologies namely “Stories for your valentine” and “Fusion-A mingled flavour mocktail”. She is currently working on her next manuscript.
Team WordBite  is delighted to talk with her.
Here is the Rapid Fire round with Miss Freebird, Purba.



Team WordBite: What do you enjoy the most writing or reading?Purba Chakraborty:  Of course, writing.

Team WordBite: We thank God for that, we are very lucky to read your books, ok which one is your favorite book?                                        Purba Chakraborty: The Last Poem by Tagore

Team WordBite: Great choice, ok Purba, tell me something which you always regret doing?                                                                                 Purba Chakraborty: I regret being lazy in the last few years.

 Team WordBite:  So next question….An author you are jealous of?                                                                                                                                                    Purba Chakraborty: hehehe, I am not jealous of any author. But I love Preeti Shenoy. I love the way she has shaped her name in the writing world

Team WordBite: Yeah she is superb. Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy is an awesome book…good.  Ok Purba, if you get a chance to co author a book with another author…who will be that author?                                                                                                                                            Purba Chakraborty: I am not so fond of co-authoring. But if given a choice, I would love to write with Preeti Shenoy or Anjali Kirpalani. I like and admire both of their style.

Team WordBite: Anjali kripalani…Wow…By the way can choose one amongst these                                                                                                                    Ruskin bond or Ravinder Singh?                                                                

 Purba Chakraborty: Ruskin Bond

Team WordBite: What will you choose amongst these- your book being critically acclaimed and winning many awards or your book selling 500000 copies                                                                                            Purba Chakraborty: The former of course

Team WordBite: Ok, so Chetan bhagat or Arvind Adiga?                            Purba Chakraborty: Arvind Adiga

Team WordBite:  hmmm…first Ravinder Singh and now Chetan bhagat… 😉 impressive:                                                                                                      Purba Chakraborty: when did I choose them?

Team WordBite: You chose them to be ignored, haha                                   Purba Chakraborty: Lol !

 Team WordBite: The personalities whom you idolize?                                   Purba Chakraborty: Jhumpa Lahiri, Shreya Ghoshal , Shahrukh Khan ( From 3 Diff fields)

Team WordBite: Hmmm…SRK…hmmm….now…is there a book, reading which, your heart said, “I wish I. could have written this book”                                                                                                                                      Purba Chakraborty: There are many actually. When I read Life is what you make it and The one you cannot have, I felt that I wish I had written these books.

Team WordBite: Ohh…beautiful choices I guess somewhere someone will definitely feel the same about your book the hidden letters

Purba Chakraborty: I wish
 Team WordBite:  ok What if you were our country’s Pradhan Mantri                                                                                                                                        Purba Chakraborty: i am the worst liar of this world…so I would have been a terrible PM.I Cant say lies well

Team WordBite: Ohoho….but if you have diplomacy in your blood then you can work it out….what’s say                                                                      Purba Chakraborty: I am learning the art of diplomacy these days

Team WordBite: Ha-ha… on a serious note, deep down in her heart, PURBA is-                                                                                                                           Purba Chakraborty: Emotional

Team WordBite: Hmm..ok…your latest book’s title is The Hidden Letters….so share with us one secret of yours, be true…remember you have admitted that you can’t lie                                                                     Purba Chakraborty: okay, I was a very quiet, timid and nerdy type of person in my school days. And now I am the exact opposite so I can relate myself to the character of Naina in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.  A very good friend brought out the real me which was locked up somewhere aft my mom’s demise.

Team WordBite: Ohh…a big thank you for that friend. If he wasn’t there, we may not be so fortunate to get to read stories from you         Purba Chakraborty: Absolutely

Team WordBite: Jokes apart…Your favourite book which released this year

Purba Chakraborty: I think it will be. Adultery by Paulo Coelho. Few pages left to complete though.

Team WordBite: Ok and your favourite punch line that you use every time…no dialogues of SRK please

Purba Chakraborty: hahaha, Live life kingsize and stop being so negative…i keep saying this to all (not sure if it is a punchline)
Team WordBite: Okay, When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Purba Chakraborty: I am writing a story with 9 fellow bloggers for a contest by blogadda. It’s a new thing for me and it is so exciting. Started this from 11 Sep

Team WordBite: A wierd thing about PURBA…according to you

Purba Chakraborty: My mood changes every 1 hr, yeah, seriously.

Team WordBite: Ehhh…..seriously? Am I in any sort of danger from that?

Purba Chakraborty: ha ha..No don’t worry

Team WordBite: Thank god…ok a mistake which you find beautiful and you do not regret doing it

Purba Chakraborty: i spend a lot of money on buying books and music Cds and I never regret it. I tell my best friends to gift me books

Team WordBite: One word substitution for Purba Chakraborty

Purba Chakraborty: freebird

Team WordBite: Ok now that u have come up with your  second novel….n you are a senior now in the industry….shoot out some suggestions for upcoming aspiring authors                                                          Purba Chakraborty: Patience and perseverance will lead you to success. So work hard and be patient.

Team WordBite: …oh…that is very sweet of you….Last but not the least….they say the only thing which is constant in life is change…so Purba…..do u want to change anything in your life or our society?

Purba Chakraborty: I would want to be more organized and disciplined in life.

Team WordBite: Ok…so here we end with our rapid round…please quote something from your book

Purba Chakraborty: “when your time is not at your best, you be at your best”

Team WordBite:  OK, so thank you for bearing us, we enjoyed a lot having you in this rapid fire interview.                                                                     Purba Chakraborty: I loved this rapid fire too. It was fun answering all the questions. You were an awesome interviewer! 🙂


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