One Last Time by Piyush Naik

One Last Time by Piyush Naik

(Story #9 Ayush & Alia Short-Story Series by Piyush Naik) [Last Story]


Something started ringing in my ears; I slightly opened my eyes and looked towards the direction of the sound. It was coming from my phone. Pretty unusual it was a holiday due to Ganesh Festival so most people I knew were also sleeping, then who was calling so early? I looked at the watch hanging on the wall. It showed 6 AM. I forced my hand to pick the phone, and as I saw the name and picture of the person calling all my sleep walked away in seconds, it was a call from Pranali.

‘Hey…’ I tried to sound as fresh as I could.

‘Hi, Piyansh, were you sleeping.’ She said in her cute voice.

‘No…’ was waiting for you to call, I wanted to say but instead I said, ‘no just woke up sometime back.’ You see I can talk to any girl at an ease, but not the one I love. My bad!

‘Tonight a night-out is planned at Ayush place. You are coming right.’ She commanded. Well it was pretty hard for me to say a no to the pretty girl like her. Although I have never said a no to her and never will say that word to her.

‘Yeah… sure.’ I said, ‘I will be there.’

After hearing ‘bye’ in its cutest form I hung up. Pretty excited for tonight. I was friends with Ayush for more than three years and was also a friend with Alia. So it wasn’t difficult for me to spend time with them. The thing which was difficult was to look at Pranali and do not show the love which was in my eyes for her.

Glimpse in the life of Ayush…

In past two months… problems never ended, they kept on building on… and now a tall tower was there. He never gave answers to the questions asked by Alia. The silence was the only answer he had for her, she also accepted it. The silence in them had distanced them. The calls had reduced. The talks were limited. The dates were not much in sight. While he was becoming closer to Shweta, just friendly. But was his love for Alia not there anymore?

Glimpse in life of Alia…

In past two months…. Problems never ended, they kept on building on… and now a tall tower was there. She asked many questions while he did not had any answer. She was right in her place well he also wasn’t wrong at his. The silence in them had distanced them. The calls had reduced. The talks were limited. The dates were not much in sight. While she was becoming closer to Nikhil, just friendly. But was her love for Ayush not there anymore?

                     Yet they both were ‘in a relationship’ on facebook

Back to present…

I was at Ayush’ place. Just 10 minutes late. Finally after thirty seconds the door was opened. Pranali was standing in front of me. She was looking cute in her grey top and white pyjamma.

‘Hey, you cut your hairs.’ She said as I walked in.

‘You noticed.’ I said.

‘damboo’ she said. Why can’t she just continue the conversation instead of cutting it?

Then we all four, I, Ayush, Alia and Pranali started playing cards. At first normal card games and then a fun game of guessing the card. And my luck was at its best.

‘It should be queen of hearts.’ I said. Ayush draw a card and it was queen of hearts. I guess you need your lady-luck to win at cards.

‘But what about your lady-luck Ayush?’ Pranali sparked the conversation with an untouched topic.

‘Pranali…’ Alia was saying but Pranali interrupted, ‘till when are you not going to speak, you need to talk and sort out.’

‘Yes, Ayush you should talk.’ I said, ‘perhaps we should let them speak alone.’ I looked at Pranali she nodded and we moved towards the balcony.

We talked for around twenty minutes it was raining outside. She was checking her phone and then.

‘See this.’ She showed me her phone. Ayush and Alia changed the relationship status on facebook to single. She was about to move inside the house but I held her hand. She turned and looked at me.

‘Pranali, you see… just because you have spend x number of years with a person in a relationship that doesn’t mean that you should take it to lifetime, if that relationship has hit a rough patch and it can’t work still you keep that relationship just because of that x years then you are doing wrong.’ I said, ‘for the sake of four years of happy time you choose a lifetime of fights. It’s better to leave the relationship and keep the time you spend happily in your sweet memory. You never know someone else is waiting for you and who is right for you.’

‘You are right…’ she said.

I looked at the rain. ‘You see this season is ending you never know new season might bring something new.’ I said and looked at her. She had the cutest smile I had ever seen.

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