Let’s Talk: with Purba Chakraborty, a best-selling author



We are in conversation with Purba Chakraborty, a best-selling author, where she talks about her latest book, The Hidden Letters. She also speaks about how difficult it is to write the first book and much more. Have a look! 

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 Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you whom very few people know of and also tell us all about you- as an author and how it all started.

Purba Chakraborty (PC): I am very fun-loving, free-spirited, crazy, adventurous and optimistic. In a striking contrast, the author in me is sensitive, emotional and thoughtful.

I have always been fond of writing and reading since I was ten years old. Writing a book was always in my secret wish list. So after completing my graduation, I thought to fulfill this wish.

TWB: Everyone wants to tell a story, but rarely do people start writing. Can you tell us how difficult it is to write the first book?


PC: Writing the first book was very sudden. I just heard a story and thought that it demanded to be told. So I started writing the first book in a jiffy. My writing was amateurish and I had no plans to write another book. But when I finished writing the first book, I realized that I want to write another book. And while I was writing down “The Hidden Letters”, I discovered that I can be a good author of the country if I work hard. From that moment onwards, it was no turning back as I got my true calling.

TWB: Who is your favorite author and why?

PC: Rabindranath Tagore is my favorite author because his books cast a bewitching spell on me. The way he depicts human emotions and the beauty of nature is out of the world. No one can use metaphors as beautifully as Tagore.


TWB: What are your other interests apart from reading and writing?

PC: I love to sing. When words fail me, I turn to music. I have a collection of a wide range of instrumentals and retro songs. I listen to them and sometimes record a karaoke cover. Singing pacifies me. It works as great refreshment.

TWB: Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of “Hidden Letters” doesn’t tell him?

PC: Often, people have everything in the world to be happy about, but they feel something primary is missing from their lives. That something is peace. Without peace, happiness is short-lived. To understand this, people should read my book.

TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

PC: More than half of the Indian population doesn’t read books. So that is pathetic. I wish this scenario changes soon. I hope more and more people take up reading, now that they can read books on their gadgets.

TWB:  Is there any direct inspiration, in the way the main protagonist of the book was written?

PC: Anaya Chatterjee is loosely inspired by the character of my mother.


TWB: I thoroughly enjoyed the book, when you first read the book completely in the present form, what were your feelings?

PC: I was happy that I have grown as an author, though I still feel that I could have improved the narration further.

TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

PC: Dad was very supportive throughout the journey. He always tells me to concentrate on improving my writing skills, now that I have decided to stay in this field. He keeps telling me not to bask in virtual attention and to focus on writing.

Apart from Dad, my two best friends Priyam and Sisir were very supportive. They motivated and encouraged me at every step.


TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

PC: Yeah, someone told me that at one place, it’s written that Anaya has a milk-white complexion and at another place it’s written she is dusky. Actually, it was an editing error. It was earlier written that Anaya is not as fair as Varsha but later it turned dusky. So I learned to be more careful with the edits from next time onwards.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you been working on?

PC: I am working on the next manuscript and have completed half of it. It deals with human vices like revenge and ego, which corrodes our life further instead of healing the scars. After I finish working on this manuscript, I intend to write a psychological thriller.

TWB: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what was it?

PC: I cooked Mexican pasta for the first time, earlier this month.



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 TWB: Your favorite Book(s):

PC: The Last Poem (Shesher Kobita), Gitanjali, The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes, The Fault in our stars, Namesake, Tea for two and a piece of cake etc

TWB: Your favorite Author(s):

PC: Rabindranath Tagore, Paulo Coelho, Jhumpa Lahiri, John Green, Preeti Shenoy

TWB: Describe yourself in three words:

PC: Exuberant, Optimistic, Determined.

TWB: Thank you Purba for this interview, we wish you a great life ahead. J

PC: Thank you J

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