Rain by Piyush Naik


(story #8 of Ayush & Alia short-story series by Piyush Naik)

There has to be something wrong with me, I woke up even before my alarm clock. This is happening from last one week. Well from last one week many wrong things are happening. I and Ayush are not talking properly. Or I can put it in this way that we hardly had talked in the past week. I rubbed my eyes and looked into my phone. I dialed his number. After the seventh ring, Ayush picked the call.

‘Good Morning.’ He said. Without using, Love, Dear, Baby not even Alia. It’s not what we used to be like. Was questioning his friendship with Shweta was root cause of this week? I asked myself a million times.

‘Good Morning.’ I said. We kept silent for some seconds. Bizarre silence. It was a silence which we had never experienced.

‘Okay, I reached the class. Talk later.’ He said. I looked at the watch. He as not even in college I knew. Still I said, ‘Okay, Bye’ and hung up.

After some two hours I finally was into college, my mood was not well still I had to attend the college. As I started walking away from parking I saw Nikhil he was parking his bike. He came to me.

‘Wow! I can’t believe you came early.’ He said. I smiled.

‘I woke up early.’ I said.

‘Another unbelievable thing I heard today.’ He had something in his eyes, I could see it. Still I choose to become blind over it.

‘How is your friend Ayush now.’ As he took Ayush name something started to pain in my heart. Yes, love is the most beautiful thing in this world and most painful one too.

‘He’s fine.’ I said, I look at the watch it was the time of our daily call. But why should I always make an attempt. I choose to wait for him to call and he did not call.

After the college I went back home. The clouds were dark and in no time it started raining. I sat near the window, I dialed Ayush number. He did not pick the call but texted back

In college event meeting will talk later

I was about to keep my phone away when another text came, it was from Nikhil

Hey… its raining…. Wanna go on a ride?????

I took a deep breath and replied.

No… sleepy.

Then I walked out of the house and stood in rain.


Love is the most beautiful thing and the most painful one too.


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